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Things I’ve Overheard This Week.

This one needs no explanation. So you’re not getting one. So there. However, I will say this: My life at the hotel is like twisting a radio dial endlessly, never remaining on a single station for long. The end result … Continue reading

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How To Travel With Kids During The Holidays – Without Killing Them.

HOOK’S NOTE:  I figured I’d keep the title simple, seeing as parents always seem to have a million thoughts running through their heads at any given time. Moving on… I’m no travel expert like Sarah Pittard and I’m not what … Continue reading

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I originally pitched this to The HuffPost, but since they hate me and NEVER respond to my work…

Seriously, they love Ironic Mom Leanne Shirtliffe, but the folks at The HuffPo hate my guts so much they refuse to even respond to any of the numerous pitches I’ve sent them over the years. Is a simple “Drop dead, … Continue reading

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The Day of the Doctor, The Brady Bunch: 2013, and the Power of the Falls in my “Basement.”

Hold onto your hats, folks… this is an actual bellman post. I know its been sometime since I’ve regaled you with tales of travellers run amok, but I’ve been busy. Even now, I should be working on Book Two of … Continue reading

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This Post Meets All The Buyer’s Requests And Was Completed On Time.

Disclaimer:  I am neither handy nor handsome. However, as inept as I am with a tool – with one exception, of course – I understand the importance of following a code of honor. Where am I going with this, you … Continue reading

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A Dark and Quiet Truth.

The hour was late. (Or early, depending on your philosophical bent.) It was anything but a dark and stormy night. The stars cast their luminescence upon the populace of Niagara as film of dry, humid air surrounded them. Some individuals slept, their minds the plaything … Continue reading

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My Crazy Bellman Life: Myths and Facts.

FACT:  Millions of souls have passed through my lobby over the years, each of them distinct and separate from the whole of humanity in their own way. MYTH:  Beyond familial, social or employment bonds, each of these individuals has no real connection … Continue reading

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