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My Life At The Moment…

Work has been anything but fun these days. Not that anyone ever promised me that actually working for a living was ever supposed to be a super, super, fun ride on a unicorn while guzzling Jack Daniels. But lately I’ve … Continue reading

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Typical Stats From One Of My Atypical Days…

The work can be tedious at times, but the life of a bellman is anything but boring. Well, actually, it can be boring – but never for long. The truth is, my days fall into patterns of long stretches of … Continue reading

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This is a blast from the past, courtesy of some much-needed blog archive housekeeping. Thanks again, NaBloPoMo.   AUGUST 28, 2012 The last few days have been particularly rough at the hotel. Summer is beginning to fade away but the … Continue reading

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The Hook On… Life and Death.

Let’s get one thing clear, friends: I am not a poet. But I do have a creative engine that I utilize to rescue me from the seemingly-bottomless pit of despair I often unknowingly hurl myself into from time to time. … Continue reading

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Self-Reflection, Cheerleaders and Naughty Baked Goods.

As my fingers bounce around the keyboard it is eight am in the morning in Niagara Falls. It is also Saturday morning and that means the lobby’s voids are quickly filling with travelers. There are families, wannabe jocks in over-sized … Continue reading

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This is as philospophical as I get on a Sunday.

The words you are about to read were originally written for my second book but since a lack of cohesion was one of the major downfalls of my first tome, I’ve decided to share them here. Truthfully, I don’t think … Continue reading

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And Now, A Moment Of Reflection….

A young man died this week. That’s the cold, hard truth. On the surface, he was simply a name and a picture in a newspaper notice to some, and a statistic and a number to others. But to those who loved him, … Continue reading

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