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Only The Hook…

A recent post by the incomparable Susie Lindau was the inspiration for this post. In Bad Luck Comes in Threes, Right?, Susie discusses her recent run of misfortune and while I genuinely felt bad for her, I couldn’t help but marvel … Continue reading

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The Hook, A Hooker And A Cat Named lucky.

Hypothetical Sunday Morning Situation: Hypothetical Location: The Bell Desk. If only I had this option… KARDASHIAN CLONE:  I need a trolly thingie! For my luggages! HYPOTHETICAL ME:  (HYPO ME for short)  I’m sorry, miss (I really wasn’t) but we don’t … Continue reading

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Once More Into The Breach…

All right, I’m back. At work, I mean. It feels strange to state, but life must go on. And so I’m back amongst the hookers, corporate drones, hardcore gamblers, sweet old ladies that smell like cheese and dead flowers, hockey … Continue reading

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Ten Things That Shall Never Come To Pass…

Today, at least. A few things you should know before we begin: It’s Sunday, so anything goes. I’m completely knackered. The dog has had explosive diarrhea for 48 hours. The dog sleeps on my bed. You do the math. Now, … Continue reading

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The Stillness Before The Blast of Human Suffering.

Because “The calm Before the Storm” just wasn’t going to cut it. 7:31 am:  The lobby is still and void of travelers, but the lifeless tones of Muzak fills the cold Canadian March air that fills my lungs and the … Continue reading

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What My Eyes Have Seen: Sunday Morning Edition.

A weary midnight bellman, his mind and body aching from the burn of the midnight oil. Unbalanced, drunken females, giddy with exhaustion, their words slurred and their minds a cyclone of foggy memories best left unexplored. An overzealous traveler pacing … Continue reading

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What Is It With Sundays And Crazy People?

Is nothing sacred anymore? I know the answer is a big “Heck, NO!”, but even after fourteen years in the hospitality industry I still find myself surprised by the depths to which people will sink while on vacation. And in … Continue reading

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