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Tales of the modern (douchebag) traveler

Ned Hickson: Grower of ‘staches, Blogger… Actor?

Listen, and understand! The Nedinator is out there! It can’t be bargained with. (Except with bacon.) It can’t be reasoned with. It doesn’t feel pity, or remorse, or fear. (But if it stubs it’s toe in the middle of the … Continue reading

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The Hook’s Love of Comics: The Secret Origin.

Here, for your reading “pleasure”, is another Pulp Nation/Hook crossover. Not sure exactly what to say about this one; it’s deeply personal, but that’s only because the list of things I’m truly passionate about is very short. The wife. The … Continue reading

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Was I Hooked On Jurassic World?

So I bit the bullet (much like a T-Rex biting into a hapless lab tech) and decided to see Chris Pratt flex his Star-Lord muscles in Jurassic World last night. If you haven’t seen the TV commercials or movie trailers, … Continue reading

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Don’t do as I drink (and other lessons my father unintentionally taught me)

Originally posted on Ned's Blog:
My father at age 48, the same age as I am now. My father and I were never very close. I resented him and his influence in my life for many years; he was…

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My Childhood Wasn’t Exactly The Wonder Years…

The hurly-burly, wing-dingy activity that is the hallmark of summertime in Niagara Falls has begun. Today alone, I’ve seen a cat shoved in a suitcase, two hookers dressed as Sailor Moon (one poor girl was big enough to have her … Continue reading

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Another Pulp Nation/Hook Crossover.

They’ve done it again; against their better judgement, no doubt. The nerd overlords at Pulp Nation have let that over-sized man-child known across the blogosphere and the hospitality industry (not to mention numerous TripAdvisor posts) as The Hook dabble in … Continue reading

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Ay Yi Yi… Bang Bang!

She had four feet to my six-and-a-half. She had a crimson hue to her skin and hailed from Mexico, while I am a proud Canuck whose outer covering is whiter than Brooke Shields. She was sad to leave the hotel, … Continue reading

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