An Open Letter To Ellen DeGeneres

Dearest Ellen,

Hello. How are you? That’s great to hear, seriously. Listen, I know you’ve got a full plate in front of you right now (Okay, maybe not literally; you don’t look like you eat that much, to be honest. However, I stand by the statement.), especially considering how many challenges you have to deal with right now.

  • Voicing animated fish is no mean feat. (How do they record your voice underwater anyway?)
  • Arranging for Sofía Vergara to be “accidentally” deported so you can be the reigning CoverGirl has to be a lot of work.
  • Teaching millions of people to dance like no one is watching while hosting a kick-butt talk show must be exhausting. And sweaty, no doubt.

Normally I use this forum to write about my life as a bellman in Niagara Falls, but today I want to write to you from my heart.

I’ve been married to the love of my life for eighteen years.

I make a comfortable living serving the public in a place that offers me new possibilities every single day. The phrase “Never a dull moment” appears to have been designed specifically for my life.

I’ve had my writing published on some great websites and I’ve even published a book.

But my greatest joy, the one accomplishment I’m most proud of, has nothing to do with fame, fortune or personal milestones. Being a father has challenged me in ways I could never imagined, but it has also made me realize what love is truly all about.

When you love someone with every fiber of your being, the quest for their happiness directs you to places you never knew existed. When you’re a parent you want to see your children realize their dreams, regardless of the cost.

My 14-year-old daughter is an old soul, possessed of more compassion and wisdom than most of the adults I’ve ever met. She genuinely cares about the state of the world, especially the plight of children and animals. Sarah is the type of kid every parent wishes their child would be.

She is also a brilliant writer whose greatest wish is to see her series, The Misadventures of Misery, in print after years of scribbling in notebooks and typing away at her computer in her room.

  • A young girl owns a bookstore in New York City.
  • Her best friend is nicknamed Misery because of her perpetual bad luck.
  • A visit to Misery’s hometown results in the revelation that her relatives are all supernatural beings.
  • Soon the girl and her best friend realize everyone is different, therefore, everyone fits in.
  • The adventures continue from there, with the possibilities being endless.

While other kids are tearing each other down on Facebook, Sarah is giving life to her characters.

While other kids are following feuding celebrities on Twitter, Sarah is placing her creations in unbelievably hilarious predicaments.

While her mother and I have been wrestling with a breast cancer scare (My wife is fine so far, by the way. She needs to be eternally vigilant when it comes to testing, but she’s coping very well. Moms do that.), Sarah has feigned ignorance and gone about her business, proving once and for all who the true genius in the family is.

Sarah has been bullied at school most of her life and while her mother and I have come to her defense every time, no one can really help a child get over the hurt that comes from feeling utterly alone in a crowd of her peers. Isolation is a cancer in our souls, one that is incurable in many cases.

Sarah has set many goals for her life, chief among them is attracting the attention of one of her idols.

Would you care to guess who that is?

Her eyes light up at the dinner table as she recounts the hilarious details of your latest show – at first I thought it was my wife’s cooking or a sugar-high, but Sarah really loves your show that much – and I love to see the enthusiasm in her voice as she talks about the everyday people whose lives you change by introducing them to the world.

It may be a long shot to say the least, but I want to make another child’s eyes light up when they see my daughter talking about her work on your show. Every person you feature on your show, Ellen, inspires another viewer to pursue their dreams, to never give up. You make people believe that a guardian angel is around the corner, waiting to help them get through life’s many challenges.

Parents want to move mountains for their children – you know what? I’ve never understood that phrase; why would a child want a mountain moved in the first place? Is this child a would-be super villain?

But I digress.

You’d like Sarah, Ellen. She views the world with the same child-like sense of wonder that guides your actions. Personally, I hope she never grows up; the world could use more people that remember how glorious it is to be a kid. Children see the world the way it should be. Sarah doesn’t look at you and see someone who is married to another woman; she sees a talk show host that, like her, loves dogs and genuinely cares about making people smile.

I hope I’ve convinced you to give Sarah a few moments of your time, Ellen. You won’t regret it, I promise.

And if any of my followers are so inclined and wish to put in a good word for my daughter, you can contact Ellen DeGeneres here. 

Her Twitter account – with more than 20,371,987 followers – can be accessed here.

Or if you feel like reblogging this post, please know that you’ll have my eternal gratitude and an open invitation to ask me for a favor of your choice. That’s a $50 value, folks.

I leave you now with an image of my daughter’s pride and joy. This should appeal to you as well, Ellen…

Be well, everyone.

Who's a cute doggie?

About The Hook

Husband. Father. Bellman. Author of The Bellman Chronicles. Reader of comic books and observer and chronicler of the human condition. And to my wife's eternal dismay, a mere mortal and non-vampire. I'm often told I look like your uncle, cousin, etc. If I wore a hat, I'd hang it on a hat rack in my home in Niagara Falls, Canada. You can call me The Hook, everyone else does.
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  1. Woman says:

    I’ve missed your fun and interesting life!!! And what an amazing post to return too!

    Best of luck on getting Sarah to the Ellen show!!! I’ve shown a few of her episodes to my students and watch them watch her. It is just so amazing to see Ellen on screen. She just seems to enjoy what she does.

    I am thrilled to see someone who looks up to such a woman as Ellen. A woman who throws caution into the wind and lives her life. I wish more people would look up to women like her rather than some of the other people in the magazines these days!

    • The Hook says:

      She’s become role model, its true. My daughter thinks she’s the greatest and I have to agree.
      Good to see you back, Woman. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Kayjai says:

    Good luck to Sarah!!

  3. Kayjai says:

    Reblogged this on Kayjai and commented:
    I couldn’t resist the urge to help a young girl out in her quest to be on the Ellen DeGeneres show…that and the fact Hook’s promised a favor…muahahahahaha…No seriously. Just read this.

  4. Kayjai says:

    Reblogged… 🙂

  5. mairedubhtx says:

    What a beautiful post, Robert! You should totally write this as a letter to Ellen and send it to her. I’ll bet she would read it. How could she not be touched by it? I will definitely reblog it.

  6. mairedubhtx says:

    Reblogged this on My Life, Such As It is and commented:
    A beautiful tribute from a father to his little girl.

  7. Jennifer says:

    What a beautiful post, if I could I’d reach through my screen and wrap Sarah in a big bear hug.

  8. Sarah sounds like a pretty amazing kid. I have tweeted Ellen and sent her a note via the link. I will work on the reblog. Sarah’s book sounds pretty cool.
    I hope you know you are a kick ass Dad!

  9. Wonderful post and very touching in many ways! I will think about what I can do to help spread the word.

    I so hope this works out! 🙂

  10. MissTiffany says:

    This is wonderful. I wish you the best of luck!

  11. The Waiting says:

    I never got the whole “move mountains” thing either before I had my daughter, but I’d totally do anything for her too. This is a wonderful post, Hookster! I love when you write about your family ;D

  12. I hope all your dreams, and Sarah’s dreams come true and I’ve just told Ellen that myself……………good luck!!

  13. Rohan 7 Things says:

    Brilliant post, really touching 🙂 I wish all the best to young Sarah with the recognition of Ellen or not. She sounds like a sensitive and creative soul, which is a beautiful and rare thing!

    Damn it would be awesome if Ellen got back to you huh hehe, always worth a shot!

    Thanks for sharing 🙂


  14. Purnimodo says:

    Reblogged this on Purnimodo and commented:
    Please do reblog this!

    (I’m being purely selfish here.. I’d love to read The Misadventures of Misery!!)

  15. Purnimodo says:

    Ahw Sarah sounds like the coolest kid ever!! Looking forward to see The The Misadventures of Misery being published!

  16. gita4elamats says:

    Reblogged this on ELANA – The Voice of the Future and commented:
    14 year-old sounds like an extraordinary kid. She has written a series, The Misadventures of Misery! Good luck, Sarah! 🙂

  17. cole says:

    Sounds like a great kid. I’ll be glad to anything i can to help.

  18. Katie says:

    Congrats, Hook. This might have just earned you a spot in the Hall of Fame of Coolest Dads Ever.

  19. paul says:

    Good luck to Sarah! And I hope that Ellen DeGeneres will welcome Sarah on her show 😉

  20. twindaddy says:

    I hope she takes notice of your efforts, Hook. It’s awesome how I can feel the love you have for your daughter in your writing.

  21. Good luck to Sarah! I’ve tweeted and FB-ed this post and I have good feelings about it. Please let us know when Sarah’s dream comes true!! Love from Sardinia.

  22. dmauldin53 says:

    Reblogged this on Mama Bear Musings and commented:
    For Sarah

  23. rumpydog says:

    I gave up a tweet! Go Sarah, Go!

  24. fibot says:

    Good luck with this! After reading this, I think I would love to meet Sarah. She sounds very special. I know a special girl like Sarah and I think they would get along famously, despite being on other sides of the world from each other, I hope they meet one day.

  25. itsjustjaco says:

    love your sense of humor

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  27. Seat belts on. Landing gear up. WIngs up for Sarah!
    (Sorry I’m slow. But glad to be part of the team)

  28. Deborah the Closet Monster says:

    Rooting for you and for Sarah! With you in her court, so much is possible, whether or not Ellen ends up being one of the actualized possibilities. Keep rockin’ papahood. 🙂

  29. Littlesundog says:

    I slept in this morning just as I said I would… so yes, this pokey Okie will do her part to help Sarah! Better late than never, eh? Great piece of writing, my friend!

  30. crankygiraffe says:

    Reblogged this on The Cranky Giraffe and commented:
    This is an amazing post from an amazing father. I wish your daughter all the best, Hook! Good luck with Ellen! Also, as for that favor you promised… I know what I want you to do 😉

  31. JackieP says:

    Now this is quite wonderful Hookster. Kudos on being a great Dad. I hope Sarah gets her wish. I’m going to tweet, facebook and reblog it my friend. I would love to read Sarah’s book too!

  32. JackieP says:

    Reblogged this on To Breathe is to Write and commented:
    Ok people we got a job to do. Let’s see if we can help Hookster’s daughter Sarah! A budding writer herself. Worth a read and a pass-a-long!

  33. I don’t know how you did that but my eyes welled up with tears and I had smile on my face at the same time reading about SARAH…Oh bless her, dunno about Ellen, But I already love her.
    I really really hope Ellen does get to meet Sarah 🙂

  34. H.E. ELLIS says:

    I read this to my twelve year-old daughter, and she is passing the word along to all her friends as well.

    You are a good dad, Hook. Sarah is clearly the product of all the good you and your wife have given her, and it will be wonderful to see her take all that’s she’s learned from you both into the world as her own woman.

    I cannot wait to read her book! It sounds like a great story!

    • The Hook says:

      I can’t wait to see the woman Sarah becomes, my friend. My wife gets most of the credit, by the way.
      Please thank your daughter for me, all right? She has a super-cool dad as well!

  35. H.E. ELLIS says:

    Reblogged this on H.E. ELLIS and commented:
    I cannot think of a better way to honor all that is good about America than to pass along through the freedom of the written word the hopes and dreams of a young person. Please take the time to visit our good friend The Hook today and help him make his girl’s wish come true.

  36. Reblogged this on polysyllabic profundities and commented:
    I urge everyone to reblog and to link up to Ellen’s pages….help a friend out!!

  37. Michael says:

    That was a really awesome post; I hope she does get on the show, and when her book does get published, I’ll be right in there to get a copy. 🙂

  38. stormy1812 says:

    this is so awesome! more than happy to help where i can 🙂 sounds like a great book. how could anyone not encourage such a kind hearted young lady? here’s to hoping she makes it the Ellen Show.

  39. stormy1812 says:

    Reblogged this on stormy musings and commented:
    i love hearing about youth who are way ahead of their time and this young lady is one of them 🙂 please help her out!

  40. Reblogged this on On the Homefront and commented:
    if ever there was something worth reblogging this is it!

  41. This is lovely and I plan to share in numerous ways. Who knows maybe someone I know, knows someone, who knows someone . . .

  42. I reblogged it and sent it to Ellen

  43. karen123abc says:

    Sarah sounds like a fun person to know, particularly as you describe her creative writing. Encourage her to keep writing. Many of us would love to get to know her through her stories some day.

  44. lillianccc says:

    Reblogged this on High, High, Higher! and commented:
    I don’t typically reblog but I’m glad I found this post via another blogger friend who reblogged this herself. Kids like Sarah deserve all the encouragement they can get, especially at this age. The least I can do is to share this and hope my small contribution can push this one tiny step further into happening. Go Sarah! Lots of digital strangers are rooting for you, myself included!

  45. lillianccc says:

    So glad to have found this post from Lou Ann (of onthehomefrontandbeyond). See? The power of digital media is already working in your favor! Keeping my fingers crossed for Sarah.

  46. Tom Merriman says:

    Reblogged this on Within The Sphere and commented:
    Time to offer a helping hand, I feel.
    I can’t say for definite that Ellen DeGeneres calls by my blog, but just in case she does, reblogging this open letter won’t do any harm.
    The world needs more good; it can never have enough good; and doing a good deed adds to the good!
    Hope this helps, Hook.
    And Ellen, thanks for calling by! 😉

  47. Tom Merriman says:

    Erm, I’ve reblogged this myself, Hook. A very nice letter indeed!
    But you’d already know that due to the recent comment anyway.

  48. This is a lovely, moving post. As someone who lives in the UK, we don’t get the Ellen Show over here but I have watched quite a few clips on YouTube and she seems like a wonderful, fun person. Let’s hope Sarah can get to meet her!

    Is that a Lhasa Apso by the way? They are gorgeous dogs! I’ve been looking after a neighbour’s Lhasa Apso and they seem so calm and friendly.

  49. BrainRants says:

    Good luck to you and your amazing daughter on this quest, Hook. She deserves it. Actually, Ellen deserves the opportunity here, but that’s just freaking obvious.

    Go Sarah!

  50. prenin says:

    Sarah has a bright future – but finding a publisher is a bitch!!! 🙂

    Hope she finds someone that can make it all work!!! 🙂

    God Bless!


  51. Cayman Thorn says:

    I hope Ellen catches this and runs with it. And just so you know, you owe me nada for re-blogging this. Unless I happen to be in your neighborhood at some later date….around Happy Hour.

  52. Cayman Thorn says:

    Reblogged this on drinkswellwithothers and commented:
    How can you NOT love this?

  53. What a fabulous idea! I hope this happens for you. Yay.

  54. unfetteredbs says:

    Reblogged this on UnfetteredBS.

  55. Reblogged this on merlinspielen and commented:
    Please read this post and reblog, retweet, reshare! Come one come all and be like the Whos of Whoville – shout loud and shout proud and maybe Ellen will hear!

  56. Reblogged this on Playdough in the Parsonage and commented:
    Reblogging to help a friend (and fellow blogger) grant a wish for his daughter. Best wishes Sarah ~ and let us know when you get on Ellen so we can watch! 🙂

  57. Reblogged on playdoughintheparsonage 🙂 That was my first time reblogging something ~ who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks 😉 Good luck and keep us posted!

  58. EllaDee says:

    Invoking power of the people I tweeted this for you and Sarah, sent it with good wishes on it’s way to Ellen. Believe.

  59. Great post Hook, Sarah has great taste. Ellen is fun to watch and really cares about others, she is one of my favorites too. Hope she gets the message, I would love to see “The Hook’ s family” on Ellen, including that beautiful dog. Good luck!

  60. Through it “all” the only call I truly wanted was from Ellen. I held my breath every time my phone rang and my heart skipped a beat when the number on caller ID was from California.
    It didn’t happen:( I am still grateful for the other opportunities.
    But I can say this, I would trade my spot for Sara in the blink of an eye. She deserves it. And so do you.
    Tell Sarah I am rooting for her and the minute her book is published, I will be the first one in line to buy it.
    For my 40th, I WILL be in the Ellen audience. If I can’t sit next to her on the couch..I shall dance in the crowd.
    Be well.

  61. ApooMaverick says:

    Reblogged this on For when love starts to hurt. and commented:
    Read and share! If we can manage to publish enough, we can get Ellen’s attention! For Sarah! 🙂

  62. Reblogged this on Romance. Darkness. Suspense. and commented:
    Reblogging for Sarah, to one old soul at fourteen to another, for one who pursues their dreams, for one who genuinely loves children and animals. There are not enough of those kinds of people in the world. Good luck to you, Sarah!

  63. (Finding Nemo right?) – Good luck with everything Monsieur!

  64. Jennifer says:

    Reblogged this on Coffee & Camera in Hand and commented:
    I rarely reblog, but as a lover of this guy’s work (and Ellen) I am sharing this in the hope that we can make his daughter’s dream come true. 🙂

  65. lidipiri says:

    Sent Ellen a tweet with a link to this letter. What a beautiful love letter from a father about his child. Ellen should be touched. How about doing a video too on YouTube. Ellen (well, her minions actually) scours it often for something of value and this would be it!

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  67. Well done, Hook. I’ve tweeted and FBd this.
    Sarah’s a lucky girl to have you as her dad.

  68. TBM says:

    I know I’m late, but I retweeted this. Great letter and I wish Sarah the best of luck with everything. You are a great dad!

  69. Twittered and emailed, and I do hope Sarah gets to meet her idol!

  70. Hello Hook, Unfettered told me to pop in – I read this earlier but very remiss of me not to comment. I do wish you luck in your endeavours to to get Sarah to meet Ellen. Of course her good lady wife Portia is a fellow Aussie (if I had any pull with making this work or even knowing Portia) believe me I would try for you. I wish you all the best, sounds like one amazing little family you have there. 🙂

  71. Have shared! Best of luck! Beth

  72. It’s SO nice to see a father take REAL care in his children. I hate it that your beautiful daughter is teased. ELLEN ARE YOU OUT THERE!!!!

  73. what a gorgeous father 🙂

  74. Reblogged this on bodhisattvaintraining and commented:
    reblogging as per request in the post because I love this post, I like the sound of Sarah and her writing, I want my $50 (JOKE), I love Ellen too and if I ever get back to America I hope to see her show live….and I really hope Sarah gets to meet her 🙂

  75. Got here via Vanessa Chapman. I hope Ellen hears you. Sarah deserves a shot. 🙂

  76. MissFourEyes says:

    Loads of luck to Sarah! We’re all rooting for her!

  77. MissFourEyes says:

    Reblogged this on Miss Four Eyes and commented:
    The Hook’s little girl has a dream. You’ll help make it come true, won’t you?

  78. The Cutter says:

    Great post! Hope your daughter sees her dreams come true

  79. Sarah sounds like an amazing girl. I’m not surprised she is bullied, she no doubt scares the crap out of her ordinary classmates who spend so much time trying to be other people, they miss being themselves like Sarah. I LOVE Ellen as well and Sarah deserves to meet her…now.

  80. Reblogged this on Life With The Top Down and commented:
    The Hook’s little girl has a dream. Let’s get busy and make this happen!

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  82. For what it’s worth I tweeted it to Ms. DeGeneres. Best of luck.

  83. jatwood4 says:

    What wonderful parents you must be, to care enough for Sarah to take this step for her. I wish her, and you and your wife, and Ellen and her wife, all the joy in the world!

  84. Beautiful post. Ellen rocks. But Sarah rocks more.

    She’s the type of student I’d love to teach.

  85. Wild_E says:

    I like this post,
    Rebloggin it now !
    positive post hopefully positive reactions.

  86. Wild_E says:

    Reblogged this on Wilderness Return and commented:
    Reblogging this awesome post and Open Letter to Ellen DeGeneres, so nice

  87. djmatticus says:

    Reblogged this on thematticuskingdom and commented:
    Had to reblog this. The power of the Hook compelled me.
    Plus, it’s always a good thing to be owed a favor from the Hookfather.

  88. TiffanyJades says:

    Reblogged this on Everything Tiffany Jades and commented:
    Wow Ellen DeGeneres can not ignore this post! Just brilliant 🙂

  89. Honie Briggs says:

    Reblogged this on HonieBriggs and commented:
    Awesome! Check it out. Seriously, check it out.

  90. Honie Briggs says:

    This is awesome! So awesome I reblogged it. As a daddy’s girl myself, yeah, I could not let this one be missed. Plus, I love Ellen. I know, who doesn’t? But seriously, I do.
    All the best,

  91. Dr. Fuzz says:

    Love this post. I’m tweeting this to Ellen!

  92. I’m gonna reblog and HOPE for the best!!!!!!!!!

  93. Reblogged this on The Mercenary Researcher and commented:
    For my friend, The Hook – in hopes that Ellen sees this!

  94. List of X says:

    You’re Freshly Pressed!!! Let’s hope this will be enough to get Sarah on Ellen’s show!
    And I’m also happy to note that my guest post is now officially obsolete. 🙂

  95. Aaran Sian says:

    Wow, I can see why this is freshly pressed! Loved this. I really hope Sarah gets on the show, it really sounds like she deserves it. Good luck! 🙂

  96. Tweet sent! Good luck to Sarah. She sounds like a great kid. And, congrats on being freshly pressed!

  97. iRuniBreathe says:

    What a lovely heart-felt letter! Nicely done. No one understands that even a spoon will move a mountain if they just keep at it. I wish you best of luck with this… and Sarah too!

  98. Your daughter’s books sound interesting (though the title of the series sounds like a certain Stephen King novel). Tell me, are they aimed more for children, teenagers, adults, or some combination of the three?

  99. That was the pure, distilled, rendered squeezings of the awesome sausage itself!!!

  100. Reblogged this on Front Porches and Candlelight and commented:
    An example of a great dad and a great post. Good luck Sarah!

  101. Congrats on the FP and good luck! Reblogged and tweeted!

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  103. Reblogged this on evolutionofmylife and commented:
    I got hooked when I first read this letter. I love Ellen and it is true when The Hook says that Ellen inspires others to go for their dream. Please help Sarah meet Ellen!

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  105. You’re an amazing dad! And your daughter, a very privileged child! Good luck and keep on supporting her and your wife and look after yourself!

  106. manty67 says:

    Reblogged this on A little Patch of Heaven and commented:
    I couldn’t resist this plea 🙂

  107. Evie Garone says:

    Congrats on being Freshly Pressed……..that can only help your cause! You and Sarah sound like you have a beautiful relationship… wonderful! I wish the best for Sarah in the future… sure sounds like you’re getting enough exposure “The Ellen thing” might happen. As for Sarah being an aspiring writer, cheers to her, I’d love to read her book! PS I really liked your writing style, I guess the apple didn’t fall far from the tree?!

  108. candidkay says:

    Love this girl and I haven’t even met her! Even if she never meets Ellen, I have a feeling the universe is going to meet her ambitions and raise them:)

  109. Kevin says:

    Nice! You are on Freshly Pressed!

  110. lalarukh1 says:

    All the happiness and good luck for sarah ! Loved your way of portraying things ! Very nice write…..

  111. There’s never a dull moment with you my friend. I hope that Ellen gets wind of this.

  112. Tom Merriman says:

    Congratulations on being Freshly Pressed, Mr Hook!
    That should help your cause a little! Good luck!

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  114. indacampo says:

    Reblogged this on In Da Campo and commented:
    Marrisa from Front Porches and Candlelight reblogged this and now so am I. Take a moment to read this lovely letter to Ellen from a caring father. And if you have a Twitter account send it on to Ellen! Gracias!

  115. Good luck Sarah! Yer, alright Mr. Hook.

  116. Lucky Wreck says:

    What a beautiful and touching post. I can’t help it…I must reblog! Sarah’s books sound so amazing. I would love to read them, too!

  117. monica923 says:

    Oh I wish you the best of luck. Your Sarah seems amazing. And fresh pressed is a great way to get that word out. But even if this doesn’t work out…your talented daughter will still go far in life. With talent and a parent like you how could she not?

  118. alexkellyoc says:

    Ellen is amazing! I know that there are some people that dislike her (I know-it’s hard to believe) mainly because of her coming out story. In brief-she is compared with Amanda Bierse, who’ve come out first etc…
    I’d really like to see you on Ellen one day 🙂

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  120. btg5885 says:

    Very cool. As a father, I feel likewise, especially the moving mountain part to give them opportunity. Well said. All the best, BTG

  121. Ms. Roberts says:

    I want that dog.

  122. Sarah reminds me of my daughter, only older. SHe has quite an imagination and will be a lovely writer someday, just like Sarah. Come on Ellen make it happen!

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  124. TJLubrano says:

    Oh em gee!!! I totally love this post. I so hope Ellen sees this. I adooooooore Ellen. Can’t even describe how much I adore her. I just RTed a tweet for you and will do a mention in my next post for you as well. So happy to hear all is fine with your wife as well and a big hello to Sarah, as a fellow creative artist, she sounds like a lady I’d love to meet as well one day. 🙂

    Have a fabulous weekend *waves*

  125. susielindau says:

    CONGRATULATIONS HOOK! Way to go! Freshly Pressed! Woohooooooooo!!!!
    I bet your daughter is thrilled and will soon be featured on Ellen’s show!

  126. Kylie says:

    Woohoo! FP’d!

  127. The Guat says:

    Duuuuuuuuuuuuuude. This was a MUY awesome letter I hope things work out for you. You are definite an awesome dad. Nice…MUY nice my friend. 🙂

  128. Reblogged this on Wiley's Wisdom and commented:
    I believe in big dreams – please share and help this man’s little girl’s dream come true!

  129. ramblingjess says:

    Reblogged this on Thoughts in My Head and commented:
    Amazing girl with a great creative talent!

  130. Sarah sounds like an awesome kid and, whether she gets on the Ellen show or not, she will have a great life!

  131. rachelocal says:

    Freshly Pressed looks good on you. 🙂 Sarah is an inspiration and you, sir, are a gentleman. This was just lovely.

  132. wjbrock says:

    Just sent this to her show on your behalf. I wish your family, especially Sarah, the best! Let her know that this avid reader is already invested in her characters!

  133. JackieP says:

    congrats on being FP’d! If a post deserved it it’s this one! Hope it ends up on the right path to Ellen!

  134. Denise Hisey says:

    Came your way via “On the Homefront”
    Great letter to Ellen!!

  135. Hi Sarah,

    You are the reason I RSSed your dad’s blog about a year and half ago.

    Your dad had written about a TV news report that you, your mum and your dad had watched. That report was about a bullying episode that had ended in tragedy.

    In that post, your dad did not mention *your* views, so in my comment, I asked him about your take on the unfortunate event.

    Quite honestly, I did not expect your dad to respond to my query. Mainly because I thought he’d try to protect you from a total stranger asking a fairly personal, potentially loaded question.

    Well, to my immense surprise, he replied to my question, and to my equally immense pleasure, I liked your response. At that time itself, I detected you were, as your dad says:

    >My 14-year-old daughter is an old soul, possessed of more compassion and wisdom than most of the adults I’ve ever met.
    – And that’s how I got Hook’d! 🙂

    In this whole lovely post that your dad has written about you, this line jumped out at me:

    >Sarah has been bullied at school most of her life
    – And I was happy for you.

    Yes, Sarah, you read that right. I am happy that you are being bullied at such a young age because

    1. >her mother and I have come to her defense every time
    – Although you’ve endured the taunts on your own, you had/have the security of your parents’ support when you got/get home.

    2. I *think*, if you experience bullying at this young age, you will come to understand why people bully and therefore, learn how to negate the impact on your being quickly, too. I can’t be sure about this, but I *think* being bullied when younger helps. I’ll explain why I think that.

    I lived a much protected life in my childhood. I schooled at Nerd Central where my geekiness was not an anomaly in my class of (an average of) 18 students; right from Kindergarten, all the way to Grade 12.

    I had different sets of companions away from school; at music school, b-ball classes, our church choir and all the little camps that I attended during my school years. Almost everyone was very good at what we were learning, or so it seemed; therefore, there was no odd one out to pick on.

    Then I began uni in a distant state. And that was where I first came to experience bullying.

    My grades, my finger in almost every extracurricular activity pie, my style of dressing (my older sister’s hand-me-downs were deemed cool; who woulda thunk it?!), my skinny being; everything was fair game for verbal ridicule.

    I was taken aback over the pettiness, shocked with the meanness, and completely confused over why they couldn’t attempt to do what I did instead of merely taunting me for the same.

    I did not want to worry my dad and mum who were already worried enough about me living away from home for the first time. I’ve recently come to realise that it was the strong foundation of love and confidence in myself that my parents had instilled in my younger years that helped me maintain an even keel through the earliest storms in my late teens. That’s how I maintained my, um, tradition of raking in the awards in almost everything I attempted; despite the niggling naysayers.

    But I hurt like hell. And I was scared of the bullies. And I’d get physically tired trying to keep up a brave front when I needed all that energy for things that mattered more to me.

    When my parents came to visit at the end of the first semester, I told them everything. Despite their reassurances and game plans to thwart future attacks, I still felt sad and all those bad things, but to a much lesser degree.

    But then, I began to feel angry towards the bullies and I harboured resentment towards them and I said mean things about them to my posse. All that negativity was bad for me. I felt bad, like, physically uncomfortable, but I couldn’t quite figure out what the matter was.

    In my last year of uni, for some inexplicable reason, the bullies laid off. I went on to enjoy the preparation towards, and Graduation Day itself, when I walked away with the Student of the Year award. Actually, I think I wafted off the dais. 🙂

    I entered the working world two weeks later in a completely different part of the country again. And the mean girls were back again, too. Not the same ones who tried to make me crumble in uni, but those of their ilk.

    And they haven’t gone away since, Sarah.

    For over a decade, I had all this negativity towards such people. I wasn’t happy about the way I felt towards them because I wasn’t raised to be mean or say mean things. I truly felt uncomfortable bad mouthing those people to my family and closest friends. I didn’t know what else to do, how else to deal with them.

    But Dad and Mum were persistent with this theme in their support:

    “They are mean to you because they are unhappy with themselves about something else. Their meanness has nothing to do with you; you are just a convenient target for reasons that you and we cannot really understand.”

    Over the decades, I heard that, but only a few years ago, did I begin to see beyond my own pain. And I finally understood what my parents meant.

    Today, I still have mean girls around me. Boys, too. Okay, they are grown women and men, but their behaviour is just as vile as I had experienced when I was teen.

    The difference today is, I understand them. I feel sad for them that they ache and therefore, try to maim another. I pray for them.

    Best of all, I am no longer affected by their words.

    I hope your journey to this point of inner peace is much shorter. I *think* it will be because you’ve had your dad and mum by your side from the get-go. Also, victims are now talking more than we did in my time.

    Since bullying is a widespread menace 😦 , there’s a whole lot of more information and opportunities that help victims heal, learn and live the lives we were meant to.

    Hide your lamp under a bushel no more, Sarah, the world needs more lights like yours. Although strong gusts of biting cold wind will try douse your flame, know that you have the strength of your own goodness and your parents unwavering love. You will flicker, but not die out.

    Also remember, there’s plenty of oil for your lamp in the form of thoughts and prayers from miles and miles around you. All thanks to your dad. 🙂


    • The Hook says:

      Sarah thanks you, Kate.
      You’re a cut above the rest, my friend.

      • You’re very welcome, Sarah! 🙂

        I shared this chunk of my life with you to let you know that I think there is a pattern to bullying. But it does not necessarily have to be the same psychedelic, herringbone-meets-houndstooth headache all our lives.

        You’ve already got the most critical elements for anyone in such an unfortunate predicament to deal with:

        ~ Parents who love you
        ~ Your talents
        ~ Your work ethic

        These form a solid foundation.

        Other helping factors are avenues for sharing and learning. I tried to help by sharing my experience.


  136. This warrants a separate comment.

    Oh, I can’t guarantee I’ll keep it brief here. Brief? What dat? 😉

    Your dad has told us about your book*. Now I don’t enjoy science fiction because quite honestly, I don’t get it.

    But there’s more to you than your book. And that’s what I’d like to write to Ellen about.

    *Positive thoughts and language can become … hardcover or paperback reality 😉

    Another minor hurdle. I don’t know you and I don’t do Twitter or Facebook. (Yup, I’m like Babe in mud under me lil’ rock!) But I, um, e-know your dad and I read his blog. The apple can’t fall far from the tree.

    Yet another minor hurdle. I don’t watch much telly, so I haven’t viewed any of Ellen’s new programmes, so I don’t know how you can fit in. But I do know she has good people on and I’d like you to get on her show because you are, ahem, a good people, too, Sarah. 😉

    So when all those minor hurdles get steamrolled in my head, I’ll think more clearly and I’ll get to work on that mail to Ellen.

    Oh, by the by, I dig Ellen, too. It’s easy to like her for her humour, but this is the bigger draw for me:

    >She views the world with the same child-like sense of wonder

    And the biggest draw? This:

    >genuinely cares about making people smile.

    Wishes for smiles on your dad’s, your mum’s, your and, um, Chelsea’s face. 🙂


    P.S.: I’ve been working on both these comments of mine for the past two days. As I read through ALL the readers’ comments just now, I found out …

    OMGOMGOMG! O-to-the-MMM-to-the-frakkin-GGGGGG!

    P.P.S.: It was one of your dad’s dreams to get FPed. CHECK d#mmit!

    P.P.P.S: Next (dream) in line – You, Ellen … aaaand WE’RE LIVE! 🙂

    • The Hook says:

      Ramble on, Kate. Your comments always make me smile – and think.

      • >Ramble on, Kate.
        – I know I can at yours, Hook. That is exactly why I, um, totally abuse the privilege you afford me. 🙂

        Fuggedabout this stuff.

        Like, seriously, Freshly fantastic Pressed?

        Duuuuude, you de dude, … dude!


  137. Consider it Tweeted! Good luck to you and your daughter!

  138. You definitely got “me hooked” with this post and I will now become a loyal follower. And I am a fellow Canuck too! I wish your daughter all the best!!

  139. Oh the lengths a parent will go for their child… Best wishes to you all! Peace-

  140. purpdreamr says:

    You write beautifully! I love Ellen too, and if I can help your daughter meet someone she admires: that is good enough reason to reblog. Best of luck.

  141. menomama3 says:

    I hope your letter works!

  142. filbio says:

    Amazing post and Sarah sounds like an amazing person. I truly hope Ellen sees this and reaches out to her.

  143. LucyBre says:

    Reblogged this on Being Weirdly Awesome.

  144. pretzai says:

    Good luck with Sarah! She deserves to be on the Ellen show!

  145. If you never got published and you never achieved anything noteworthy in your lifetime, I assure you there’s some sort of welcome committee currently being arranged in the very elite epsilon of heaven, preparing eternity for your grand hoorah. Your daughter, it seems, is that amazing.

    Go give your wife a hug. A high five. You know. 🙂

  146. Reblogged this on Hablando en Páulico and commented:
    La niña de esta historia se dedica a desarrollar los personajes de sus historias, no se mete en líos, aguanta los abusos verbales de sus compañeros de clase y su cara se ilumina contando el último episodio de The Ellen Show. Su padre ha escrito una carta en su blog, dirigida a la presentadora, Ellen Degeneres, pidiendo ayuda y difusión, para conseguir que su hija vaya a dicho programa – para inspirar a otros, para dar otro paso más en el camino a recorrer para hacer realidad sus sueños.

    Me ha parecido tan bonito todo, que me he unido a la fiesta. Este señor en cuestión, por un like a su post me ha dado likes a TODOS los de mi blog, por puro agradecimiento.

    Refrescantemente alucinante.

  147. Been unplugged and just checking back by. Thrilled with the response.
    And congrats for being Fresh Pressed. Perfect timing WP!
    All that’s needed is one little email or phone call.
    (But the dog is taken)
    Good job, Superdad!

  148. Hook. Here’s a form for suggestions for her show from Ellen’s website. You’re her parent and can fill it in. Paste your letter in the box. (Please excuse the duplication if you’ve already done this…the more contacts and the more types of contacts the better the chance)

  149. janeybgood says:

    Your encouragement towards your daughter is a really amazing thing. My parents never read anything I wrote. Except my diary and I really didn’t want them to read that. Good luck in your endeavours and Sarah sounds kick-a$$!!

  150. Reblogged this on Happiness is Not a Disease and commented:
    Dreams are always worth taking the shot. Especially if it’s fueled with love. Spread the word for Sarah, will you? 😉

  151. Matrone Bell says:

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    I had reblogged this from my mobile, or so I thought, but when I looked it wasn’t on my page. I will reserve my favor for something diabolical 😀

  152. With a dad like you, Sarah wins whether she Ellen chooses her or not! I have a dog just like Sarah’s. Good luck. I’ll put my vote in for her with Ellen! 🙂 What a delight Sarah must be.

  153. EleneSallinger says:

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    I’m pulling for you!

  154. willowdot21 says:

    Being English I had to look Ellen DeGeneres up to see who she was! You are a great Dad and by the sound of it a supportive husband! As you say your daughter has talent and it sounds is writing a best seller! I hope this comedienne has the grace to email at least or at best meet her .
    I was bullied at school so I feel for your daughter .I wish you the best in this endeavor!

  155. megkora says:

    Reblogged this on red.

  156. megkora says:

    Good luck! I’m probably about Sarah’s teenage years and I would love to commend you and your child. I rarely meet parents and kids my age that share the same mentality and I pray and hope Sarah gets to meet Ellen. I’ve written a letter for Sarah to Ellen, best of luck!

  157. giselzitrone says:

    Wundervoller Beitrag lieber Hook Grüße und eine gute neue Woche schönes Bild was ihre Tochter gemacht hat.Gruß Gislinde

  158. muddledmom says:

    What we wouldn’t do for our children is right. I hope you and Sarah attract the attention of Ellen. Sarah sounds like an awesome kid who would be a great role model for other kids. Cool story.

  159. Reblogged this on Danielle Lenee Davis and commented:
    I came across this blog post while browsing the WordPress Freshly Pressed blogs today. This is a heartwarming letter from a father to Ellen DeGeneres, his 14-year-old daughter, Sarah’s, idol.

  160. Lucia Maya says:

    Beautiful! What an amazing young woman your daughter is, and I’m hoping she’ll grow up and continue to contribute in powerful ways in the world! I hope Ellen brings her on the show.

  161. huntmode says:

    Found you through Wiley’s Wisdom; I followed your link and sent an email to Ellen in hopes she would grant your wish for your daughter. I would love to read Sarah’s book. It sounds like Sarah lifting hearts through her writings. Best ~ HuntMode

  162. munchow says:

    What a lovely tribute to you daughter! And what a lovely person Sarah must be! It’s sad to read that she has been bullied by her peers. Hopefully it will only make her stronger, but I certainly understand the parents’ worries as one of my boys is looked upon as a little odd, too. Sarah seems to have so much going on for her. It’s quite amazing that she is already dreaming about getting published. May she one day in the near future succeed. And of course the same with Ellen DeGeneres, although I have to admit being one who hardly ever watch TV, I have no idea who she is…

  163. funnygurl2 says:

    I posted your post on my Facebook page. You could repay me by “like”-ing my page. I could use a few more followers 😉

  164. SocietyRed says:

    Awesome post. I think you’ll get your wish.

  165. jamerly says:

    I have always wanted to meet Ellen she is one of my idols as well. I record her show everyday just so that I can guarantee a laugh that day. I would love to meet her but your daughter seems like she deserves it more than me with the way you talk about her. I hope to one day see Sarah on Ellen, I can’t wait to meet her through the television.

  166. You sound like an amazing father with an amazing kid. I really hope Ellen sees this and your daughter gets her wish. By the way, this quote “Isolation is a cancer in our souls, one that is incurable in many cases.”, is beautiful. You have a gift with words.

  167. crispyindeed says:

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  168. Reblogged this on Le Blog and commented:
    Won’t you, Ellen?

    • The Hook says:

      I sure hope she’s reading her tweets and e-mails…

      • Hi there!
        Sarah sounds like an amazing girl. It is inspiring to see someone that young with a drive.
        The bit about bullies does suck; although one thing I realize now, after a year or two school ended, that it is an ecosystem inside a building. I’m sure she has wonderful friends too, apart from such awesome parents and she’ll glide over the rough patch in no time.

        I’d be sure to look out for Misery. 🙂

  169. amorrow10 says:

    Reblogged this on The Above Average Adventures of an Average Citizen and commented:
    What a cool Dad. Almost as good as mine 😉 lol I hope Ellen will respond. This girl sounds like a great kid. Talk about living life to the fullest. She just lives her life enjoying the simple pleasures. AMAZING!!

  170. Bob Lee says:

    Reblogged this on The Real Facts … and commented:
    For All My Followers – This is something I Believe in and would appreciate your action for clicking the link in the letter for my friend at You’ve Been Hooked on WordPress. Thank you

  171. Bob Lee says:

    My dear friend, I too, hope Ellen brings Sarah onto her show. She sounds like a strong, wonderful and creative young woman. I have sent a letter to Ellen also & hope that she & her producers grant this request/wish also.

  172. You are one hell of a dad. Shared to my Facebook and Twitter. It’s a small gesture, but hopefully it makes its rounds. Your daughter shares my name, and my passion for writing. I’d love to see her on that program. Thanks for sharing this with us ❤ I wish you both the best of luck!

  173. roamingme says:

    Ellen is a great person.
    But your daughter sounds like an absolutely amazing creature! I hope that she is able to be seen and heard, as she obviously deserves it.
    I wish you both the best of luck and thanks for sharing such an amazing story!

  174. Nadia says:

    Hook, beautiful post about your daughter. It sounds like you’ve got such a lovely kid. I’m rooting for her, and may not only this wish, but all of them. come true!

  175. storyofalice says:

    That is such a sweet post! I’ll tweet and post it on Facebook. You’re an awesome dad!

  176. nearlynormalized says:

    I’ll rub my beads and say some prayers that your daughter has the opportunity to meet with ELLEN, the hero of goodness.

  177. Super congrats are in order for being front page and center! Freshly Pressed! Nice one, eh!

  178. Reblogged this on Just Another Canadian Gurl and commented:
    Because I love him,,,and his Sarah is just like my Caitlyn!! Please help my friends 🙂

  179. dancinmoma says:

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your daughter’s spirit!! I believe that Dreams can come TRUE!! Here’s hoping ELLEN dances right into her life…in PERSON!! 🙂 Following you now from 🙂

  180. You have to love the energy that Ellen has. She is an amazing woman and I am glad that your daughter see’s that at such a young age. I hope that she is able to realize her dream of going onto the show. If I read right you said your daughter has been bullied. I am a victim of bullying and it is so hard to shake off. I still struggle with it now that I am almost 40. I see great things for your daughter and she will come out a strong woman. 🙂

  181. Reblogged this on taijitumartini and commented:
    Paying it Forward for Sarah. Where energy goes, attention grows…

  182. Looking forward to seeing Sarah live out her dreams. Where energy goes attention grows-reblogged for you 😉

  183. jlheuer says:

    OMG! FPed!! And with such a great post. I wish your daughter the best…and her story intrigues me. Sounds like it would make a great young adult series.

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  185. bunnypudding says:

    What a lovely post! Now that is true parenting! 🙂

  186. chirpseek says:

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    A touching letter to Ellen DeGeneres from a father who wants his daughter to be featured on the show

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  188. midnitechef says:

    Good luck to Sarah! Never ever ever give up on your dreams, please tell her that!

  189. Sarah would make for a refreshing appearance on Ellen’s show. All we see are celebrities but some real-life people deserve just as much recognition. I’m sure Ellen would’ve been nice to her 😀

  190. emilylenora says:

    I tweeted this to her, posted it on her facebook page, and sent it to the show in this link you provided. Good luck! I’ll say a prayer for you both that Ellen reads the post. And tell your daughter to continue to do what she loves and stay true to herself because in the end it will only benefit her even if it doesn’t seem that way right now. ❤

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    I hope Sarah gets to meet Ellen! Best of luck.

  194. cliff445 says:

    I’m hooked on (following) your blog now! love your quirky sense of fun! I have Reblogged this On Cliff’s Notes I hope it helps the cause. Your Daughter sounds like an amazing young lady and her puppy is adorable!

    • The Hook says:

      They both rock, its true.

      • cliff445 says:

        You’re obviously a great parent for setting this thing in motion!
        I am told this is just the kind of thing Miss Degeneres, features regularly.
        I think I will start pvr-ing Ellen’s show in anticipation of the imminent appearance.

  195. What an atrociously tongue in cheek letter to Ellen! How do you see Ellen reacting to it, should she read it?


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  197. Christopher says:

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    I think this seems reasonable. Don’t you agree Ellen?
    There I go with my delusions of grandeur again… Thinking famous people know who I am.

  198. More pure awesomeness!!!

  199. thdem says:

    A very touching post!

  200. AR Neal says:

    Reblogged this on One Starving Activist and commented:
    Sarah sounds like an amazing young woman and if I had a talk show (perish the thought! the world is scary enough without me on television…), I would definitely have her as a guest. Since that’s not in the works, I’ll reblog this post (and encourage you to do the same) to get the word out about her.

  201. AR Neal says:

    Just reblogged this–would love to link to Sarah’s work from my blog…

  202. This is awesome! So glad you were Freshly Pressed for this. Sarah’s book sounds absolutely delicious, and I can’ t wait to read it. Of course it will be published! If not picked up by a big publishing house, her dad might be able to help her self-publish. 🙂 The genre is hot these days. Kudos to Sarah!

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  204. L.M. Murphy says:

    Tweet, tweet!! 🙂 Go Sarah, go! I was writing at her age too, but nothing so complex. C’mon, Ellen!

  205. Author Catherine Townsend-Lyon says:

    Well, I have to say I am not only HOOKED….I’m going to be ADDICTED!! For me, since I’m in recovery, might be a bad thing!!..LOL…LOL.. What a breath of fresh AIR! I too will be reblogging you wonderful Open letter. Since my Blog is a bit more serious and Dark of subjects, I’ll be HANING OUT AT YOUR PLACE a LOT!! Hope You won’t mind!?? I can not wait to order your book as well. I LUV your writing Style and Humor….God Bless! *Author, Catherine Lyon* 🙂 🙂

  206. Author Catherine Townsend-Lyon says:

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    If you haven’t seen this wonderful, funny blog yet….YOU NEED TOO!! Trust me, you be get *HOOKED*….I read this post and it was *SCREAMING RE-BLOGG!! So Enjoy if you haven’t seen the 100’s of it’s RE-BLOGGS ALREADY! *Catherine* 🙂 🙂

  207. L.M. Murphy says:

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    OI, WRITERS! Yes, you lot, I know you’re bloody well out there! Come on and read a story from a dad to his daughter, and help them out! Who among us wouldn’t have been ecstatic for this kind of chance as young writers? Well, you actually have a shot at making it happen! Get off your arses, reblog, tweet, and what have you, and then get back to procrastinating on writing as per usual. 🙂

  208. Ankur Mithal says:

    Best wishes. Hope it materialises. Moving petition.

  209. Wow well said… it has brought tears to my eyes. What a great dad. I can hear your love through your words. I too love Ellen and even though I have lived in China (fellow Niagara area resident… we are practically neighbours) I have done my best to download her show half way around the world. Sarah sounds lovely and her book(s) amazing. Yes the world does need more Sarah s. I am a teacher and it breaks my heart when kids seem not to fit in. I often ask why. Best of luck to Sarah… keep dreaming one day it will come true 🙂 I will look forward to seeing her on the Ellen show! I am so happy to happened upon this post today.

    • The Hook says:

      I’m honored to have met you, my friend.
      Thank you for your kind words, insight and support.

      • Well I hope it all works out… One day I would love to meet Ellen too, so I wish you both the best of luck to reach your dreams. It would be so cool to be watching and see you on… My small connection to the show 😉

  210. zoesays says:

    Awesome! I’ll reblog for ya, it’s the least I can do. (You have a unique handle that I remembered when you commented on my blog, so when I saw you were Freshly Pressed, I immediately clicked on your post.) Congrats and best of luck in getting Ellen’s attention for your daughter!

  211. zoesays says:

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    I hope this campaign to get Ellen’s attention works!

  212. Nikitaland says:

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    Hey Ellen, I hope you get this and make a little girl happy!

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    A beautiful tribute!

  214. I wrote a letter to Helen on behalf of your daughter hope it helps. I learned to write at an early age because my father used stories to get my mind of the pain. I was very sick as a child and his stories made me laugh. Soon we were writing stories together and he gave me a gift more precious than money and it is something no one can take away. You can read about it on my about me page
    take care and good luck I wish only the best dreams for your daughter.

  215. Reblogged this on For the Love of Hugs and commented:
    Come on, Ellen!

  216. WordsFallFromMyEyes says:

    Hook, no.1 I love how you speak of fatherhood. You’re a wonderful man. And to speak of your wife as the love of your life for 18 years. Just beautiful.

    But what strikes me here is Sarah. I had no idea in the background, your daughter was suffering such as bullying. You’re right isolation is a cancer in our souls – my gosh, I so felt when you wrote that.

    I truly, deeply hope this reaches where it’s meant to. Sarah is awesome to have dreams and hopes – that is, she is not beaten.

    • The Hook says:

      Sarah will never stop dreaming, my lovely friend – especially not with support from so many friends fueling her creative engines.

  217. Diane C says:

    Done and done! I hope she makes it on. BTW, you inspire me too.

  218. Your daughter sounds amazing! I really hope she becomes successful with her book series!

  219. mommycall says:

    Congrats on getting Freshly Pressed and I hope it gets Ellen’s attention as well. Your daughter sounds like a special person and I wish her the best in accomplishing her dreams.

  220. Great post, props to your ambitious and talented daughter, and to you for supporting her and helping her pursue her passion!

  221. Oh man! You rock. And you are a cool dad too! Plus, I LOVE Ellen as well. I must admit that Sarah is a great judge of character. But, seriously: if she can write even half as well as her father, then she is a genius. I will be reblogging this and posting it on a few of my Facebook pages (Psychic Integrity; and, Kids that See Sparkles) All the best in getting Ellen’s attention, and with your special family’s life…M

  222. Reblogged this on The Go Between: Psychics, Mediums and Integrity by Melissa Leath and commented:
    I love the fact that this dad is hyping his daughter’s writing. And that he is looking for Ellen DeGeneres’s attention. But most of all I love the fact that his 14-year-old daughter Sarah’s book that she is writing has a paranormal background. She sounds like one of the kids that sees sparkles, if you ask me!

  223. poseidonstar says:

    You are on lucky man. I rejoice.

  224. TammyeHoney says:

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    Best Wishes for Sarah and that my readers will also reblog this and pay it forward so that perhaps Ellen Degeneres will see it and it will land on the Ellen Show…

  225. TammyeHoney says:

    I took the chance that it was ok and I reblogged this for you…hope it helps…I encouraged all of my readers to pay it forward and do the same please as well…best of luck.

  226. Reblogged this on Faith, Hope and Chocolate and commented:
    It would be wonderful to make Sarah’s dream come true to be on the Ellen show. We should all spend some time thinking about the honesty that some children have, and that they are the ones who teach us as much as we teach them.

  227. kwaterbury says:

    Reblogged this on Pocketed Thoughts & Exuberant Effusions and commented:
    This has to be one of the coolest things I’ve seen a parent do for their child & that’s saying something because my mom alone has done a lot just for me haha. Hope his little girl gets to meet her idol and spend time on her show. I too am a huge Ellen fan so it’d be amazing to see. 🙂

  228. kwaterbury says:

    Reblogged this! Let me just say you get some brownie points for this. I hope she gets to meet Ellen and would love to read her series. You made it sound pretty amazing. May she never loose her spirit. I know how hard of a feat that is while your mom is battling cancer or a scare (my mom had cancer my senior yr of high school). Just remind your daughter that the idiots who picked on us in school will be the ones who end up working for us later on in life. 🙂 She sounds pretty awesome! Congrats on having an amazing, old souled kid which in my opinion are the best kind.

    • The Hook says:

      Mine too.
      Thank you for sharing your ordeal with your mom; I know these situations leave scars, but pain shared is pain halved.
      Once again, thank you for the support.

      • kwaterbury says:

        Very true! Any time. I really would love to read your daughter’s stories 🙂 she’s definitely got a fan in me and I haven’t even had the privilege of reading her stories yet.

      • The Hook says:

        Sarah’s confidence needs to grow, but her work is almost ready for viewing. Stay tuned! And thanks!

  229. Rylie says:

    This is the first post I’ve come across of yours and, as you warned I would be- I am hooked. I’m English and adore Ellen and all the things she does, too- I really hope she notices this and your daughter’s dreams come true 🙂

  230. Rylie says:

    Reblogged this on The life of Rylie and commented:
    The name of the blog is very apt.

  231. Oh wow.. Sarah is so lucky to have a dad like you! I love the Ellen show as well and only dream about being at one of her tapings. Your letter is pretty damn awesome- I love your writing and I can’t wait to read more! Thank you for sharing.

  232. Nora L Pratt says:

    How fantastic! And how lucky you all are to have each other! The love I feel from this post/letter is incredible – so lovely – simply lovely.

  233. Nora L Pratt says:

    Reblogged this on Finding Ann MacGregor and commented:
    I wanted to share this post as an example of the warmth and true love one family can have for one another… The love I felt after reading this was extraordinary… I couldn’t help it. I hope you’ll enjoy this letter from TheHook…

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  235. denmother says:

    Wow, all the greats are getting freshly pressed and I’ve somehow been missing it.
    What a perfect piece to draw attention to. I’m thinking Sarah will make her mark with or without the celeb. Wait a sec, you’re a celeb. She’s set!
    Congrats, Hook.

  236. Oh, I love dogs 🙂

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  238. Amber says:

    I’m really sorry, Hook. I commented on the post before this one that I’d read your next post since you so kindly requested it – so, naturally, I had to go out of town that day. I meant to read this (fabulous) post sooner, but I lost track of things. BUT I see in the comments that it got Freshly Pressed. Congratulations!!!!!! Even more importantly, your daughter sounds brilliant already. 🙂

  239. Thanks for sharing your blog keep on sharing

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  243. Elizabeth weigel says:

    Trying to get ahold of ellen

  244. Danna Saakan Prieto says:

    Hello Mrs. Degeneres! I would like to begin by thanking you for taking a second to read this over.
    My name is Danna Saakan Prieto and I’m an 18 year old high school student in Toronto, Ontario with aspirations on becoming a firefighter.
    I have recently been inspired by a Writer’s Craft teacher of mine.
    You see Mrs. Degeneres, just like you, I am an animal lover and activist. Since I was a little girl I have been aware of the ongoing issues of animal mistreatment in almost every aspect of our lives whether it be the meat used for fast foods, animals tested in cosmetics, or animals in pet stores, I have written speeches about all of these issues. It is something that I am very passionate about because I strongly believe in speaking up for those who cannot speak for themselves, including animals big or small.
    However, the animal that I wish to help actually can speak, maybe not English, but he can speak.
    My Writer’s Craft teacher, Mr. Carter, who is also a published author, discussed with our class about the new documentary called Blackfish. If you have not seen it, it is about an Orca at SeaWorld, named Tilikum, that once belonged to a community of orca whales; a family. Stolen at the age of two, he was moved into captivity and forced to train (I say forced because he was starved until he completed the tasks). Long story short, over his 20 odd years in captivity, Tilikum successfully killed 4 trainers and injured people over 70 times. Even though killer whales have never shown any aggression towards humans in the wild, something is obviously causing them to act out, a psychosis perhaps? Now, Tilikum floats motionless for hours on end in a pool at SeaWorld just wasting away. These are animals that have been known to live as long as humans, some for a hundred years, and at the young age of 25, Tilikum can be expected to die at the age of 30-40 because that’s how long they live in captivity for. He has his whole life ahead of him, but we have little time to act fast.
    I am just an average person. I have no status, no connections, and no real voice to be honest. But Mrs. Degeneres, you have been blessed with a gift, and you can use this gift to change and improve the lives of orcas living in captivation, and you can help put a stop to the capturing and kidnapping of baby whales in the future. This is slavery, there is absolutely no other way of describing it. What England and the United States once did to Africans, we are doing to the orcas. We are invading their territory, we are killing them off, stealing their young away from them, selling them and exploiting them for profit. That is slavery. Plain and simple.
    Please Mrs. Degeneres, please help me and countless others who are battling against this cruelty against some of the most intelligent and social mammals this planet has to offer.
    I am not asking for money, I am not asking for camera time, I am simply asking, Mrs. Degeneres, for you to watch the documentary Blackfish and open your eyes to the cruel entertainment industry at SeaWorld.
    I know you love animals, but I do not believe that you can call yourself a true animal lover and/or activist if you watch this documentary and can stand to do nothing about it. Somebody who loves animals as much as I suspect you do will NOT be ok with leaving this beautiful and majestic creature to die a miserable death in the pathetic “aquarium” SeaWorld has forced him to live in.
    I also ask that after watching this documentary you please recommend it to your friends and promote it on your show in the hopes that we shut down SeaWorld, retire Tilikum from ever having to perform ever again and move him into a larger ocean-fenced enclosure, and lastly, to help make illegal the capturing and owning of orca whales for entertainment purposes.
    Please Mrs. Degeneres, I am humbly asking for your help. Tilikum is asking for your help. We cannot allow the idea that it is ok to enclose animals (whose back yard is literally the entire ocean) and exploit them for money. What kind of messages are we sending to our children? That it is ok to kidnap? That it is ok to steal and break up families? What kind of people will we leave behind in the planet? Greedy, money-hungry business owners or smart intellectuals who appreciate and respect all forms of life?
    You tell us every day at the end of your show to be kind to one another, but to whom are you referring to? Let’s open up your audience’s eyes, and maybe the whole worlds eyes, and teach them how to TRULY be kind to one another, by including every single living being, not just humans.
    Thank you so much for your time, and please help us to make a difference. If anybody can do it, I know it’s you.

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  247. Renee says:

    Hi my name is Renee and im 12 years old and I need your help with something,I really want to meet Justin Bieber please help me I have been wanting to meet him for 5 years now and I would really be the happiest girl in the world if i can meet Justin Bieber and good luck to Sarah.

    • The Hook says:

      I’m afraid I can’t help you with that, Renee. I’ve been trying to reach Ellen for my daughter, Sarah, for years, but I haven’t been able to reach her.

      I hope you meet Justin someday, honey. Thank you for wishing Sarah good luck, Renee. Don’t give up on your dreams, though. They give us the strength to carry on when times are tough.

      All the best to you, Renee.

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