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Ten Things I’d Like To Do To Amy Schumer. (An Ironic Post.)

She may not be the prototypical symbol of sexual awesomeness, but there are millions of mammals – and quite possibly other living beings – who consider Amy Schumer to be super hot. And I cannot disagree. There’s nothing sexier than … Continue reading

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Why The Comedy Network Should Love Me Like Donald Trump Loves The Sound Of His Own Voice.

For my international friends who dwell in caves: The Comedy Network is one of the coolest networks in the Multiverse, with shows that are both intelligent and so funny you should have to sign a waiver before tuning in… because … Continue reading

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The Time The Hook Defended Amy Schumer… Poorly.

Serving the public as a bellman is kind of like performing stand-up – for the smallest audience in the history of the profession. You have a captive but unsuspecting audience who could turn ugly at any moment and so it … Continue reading

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