Once Upon A Murdoch Christmas Review.

As a kid I loved watching the usual TV Christmas fare: The reindeer with the radioactive nose, the witchcraft-infused snowman, etc., but as an adult I can’t stand these shows. Lucky for me, Peter Mitchell and Company have made me feel like a kid again with their latest holiday offering.

To that point, I’ve asked the wife for an allowance but that was a waste of time sadly…

murdoch_holiday_special_2016“Good news, Julia… we’re on The Hook’s blog again!”

But as far as Once Upon A Murdoch Christmas is concerned I’m glad my inner-kid won out; Yannick Bisson and the entire MM cast and crew let their Christmas spirit take over and guide the way. And where did that way take us? Well, let’s begin with…

ONE)  The crime itself.  Where else would a mystery show begin, right? Even if it was the holiday episode, this MM ep hit the ground running – on a train. That became a runaway train when a thief absconded with half of it. The valuable half, of course. This was a remarkable crime that set the stage for an even more remarkable crime wave.

Michelle Ricci, Paul Aitken and Carol Hay are three of the most gifted scribes this country has ever produced and we can only hope they receive as wonderful a gift this Christmas as they gave all of us in the form of this special. As much as I loved this two-hour holiday offering though, there was one thing that struck me as soon as I saw Thomas Craig…


TWO)  Continuity is a pain – but it’s a necessary one.  Last week’s ep saw the good Inspector taking off to the far end of the world with James Pendrick in a quest to recover the formula for eternal life. And yet, there he was, charging Jackson with a very holiday-centric task.

And what about Crabtree? Last week he had his heart broken, but this week… nothing. Not a single mention of his perpetual heartache.

I get it. The Murdoch holiday special is like a comic book annual; a stand-alone adventure that can be enjoyed by anyone, regardless of their previous knowledge of the characters. So I guess it’s time to move on, right?


THREE)  Crabtree’s Jumping Jack.  George as a comic book scribe? As a lifelong nerd I cannot convey my joy as this storyline. And when George almost created Superman and The Flash? Well, I was one giddy fanboy, I can tell you that much.


FOUR)  Prop Monkey’s Christmas gift to MM fans.  Jumping Jack’s gadgets were remarkable – as are the man and his team that created them. A “real-life” helicopter backpack, shoe springs that would make Spider-Man jealous and an extendo arm that Bruce Wayne would want for Christmas? They all rocked. Hard.

czhfoh1xuaapajbWho wouldn’t want this for Christmas?  I’d never leave my easy chair again!

page-breakFIVE)  Robert Carli’s music.  Mere words cannot do the man’s work justice. So I won’t even try. But he knocked it out of the park again, to no one’s surprise.


SIX)  Slugger Jackson, Higgins, Margaret Brackenreid and Miss James, front and center.  I loved every second they were onscreen. And I doubt I’m alone, right? And each of these so-called second tier characters were true to their core personalities (Mrs. B’s obsession with her societal standing and getting shagged in her husband’s office, Higgins being Higgins, Jackson’s love of family and Rebecca’s hidden talents and innate goodness) which proves once again just how well-oiled a machine the MM team really is.


SEVEN)  Julia as The Snow Queen.  Yet another job for Mrs. Murdoch? Not quite, but it did give us some wonderfully-touching moments that we’ll all remember forever.


Hélène Joy would look stunning in a burlap sack, but this defies description…

page-breakEIGHT)  Detective Murdoch’s gift to his blushing bride.  William’s presentation of a Christmas mystery for Julia to solve left me in a bit of a pickle, truth be told.

“Why can’t you do that for me?” asked the wife.

Thanks, Yannick.


NINE)  Miss James’ angelic tones and the Lads at Station House No. 4’s lack thereof.  This was another magnificent storyline that brought Slugger and Rebecca together for the first time. Lucky for us all, the team-up was awesome!

czj4w6puqaa2zaa“I’m giving my virginity to my boyfriend, so here you go, Slugger!”

TEN)  This one is on you, friends.  Everyone watching Once Upon A Murdoch Christmas – or any TV show or film for that matter – will experience something different and so it’s up to each of you to insert your favorite moment here. You’re welcome.


See you in the lobby and on the CBC, kids…

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5 Responses to Once Upon A Murdoch Christmas Review.

  1. davidprosser says:

    No use me even tying tom invent something to say. By the time I get to see the episode in question Higgins will probably be a grandparent. When I have seen it and can answer your question the episode will be so far in your past you’ll have forgotten it.
    Hugs and Merry Christmas wishes.

  2. Rosemary says:

    Wonderful review. Loved the pic of Julia in her winter cape. Some people can pull it off. I’m more like this in the winter: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Cu9MNbzbfo. Have a wonderful holiday season, and thank you for the great reviews. 🙂

  3. Super review. I think I’ll ask Santa for a big antenna that will capture the Murdoch Christmas. Of course, it may interfere with air traffic. Thanks Hook.

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