The Accident May Be Murdoch Mysteries’ Finest Moment.

There is one thing above all else that separates anyone who is successful in their respective field from their competition… hunger.

If you want something bad enough, if you crave it above all others, if you truly desire it, you’ll reach deep inside yourself for the strength to achieve your goals.

But what happens when you’ve won? Will you still have the same hunger after you’ve sat at the table for years and ate until you fell as though you’re going to burst? After ten years on the air the team behind Murdoch Mysteries can surely be allowed to phone it in every once in awhile, right? After all, they’ve certainly earned it, haven’t they?

Fortunately, I don’t think that’s going to be an issue. After watching The Accident, last night’s episode of MM, I can honestly say writer Mary Pedersen isn’t simply still hungry… she’s downright ravenous.

Watts, Crabtree, veteran Canadian extras and Elise Bauman as a suspicious – and hot – nurse… what’s not to love?


ONE)  A familiar face returns… with a case of the worst timing ever.  The familiar face belonged to Toronto city clerk Dilton Dilbert (yes, just like the comic strip!) who became a truly hapless victim of a murder plot most foul when he found himself pinned between a car (a traffic incident n early-century TO was a brilliant device, one of many in this ep) and a carriage while attending to his daily regimental stroll to work. Dr.Ogden quickly surmised that, in a case of supreme irony, the very thing that threatened to kill Dilbert was keeping him alive; moving the car would lead to his quick death.

And so Julia and her sidekicks (Watts, William, Brackenreid, etc.) had two missions: keep their soon-to-be murder victim comfortable while attempting to solve his inevitable murder. Incidentally, please don’t be angry with me for “spoiling” anything; Murdoch showrunner Peter Mitchell has been promising fans a tearjerker of an episode for weeks.

And he certainly delivered.

Personally, I was dreading this ep; I’ve seen far too much death in the real world lately but this hour of television was so profoundly moving I didn’t mind shedding a few more tears. Yes, I cried. Shut up.


TWO)  A fresh twist on a familiar plot device.  This week’s setup has been used before (even Robot Chicken utilized it; their victim continued to focus on work just like Dilton) but Pedersen and Company took things to the next level. It was all hands on deck as Watts (yes!), Brackenreid Junior and even Miss Cherry appeared.

In fact, Miss Cherry’s appearance and surprising (sort of) redemption threw yet another monkey wrench into the never-ending whirlwind that is George Crabtree’s love life.

Brilliant. Simply brilliant.


These guys look so happy to be back on my blog, don’t they?


THREE)  There were little piggies!  Who were saved from certain doom… only so they could be returned to the slaughter. Literally. Awesome.


FOUR)  The tension was unbelievable.  And in real time even. But seriously,  David Hewlett gave a ridiculously-understated performance as a man who finally understood the importance of living – and loving in the moment… just as his moments were running out.

Thomas Brackenreid’s unlikely friendship with Dilton was a curve-ball that gave both actors something meaty to sink their collective thespian teeth into. Though to be fair, every member of the MM cast and their guest stars outdid themselves this week, as did the writing room and the crew. The entire Murdoch back lot was put to good use and plenty of extras popped in to raise the level of excitement even higher. Peter Mitchell’s entire team, from Prop Monkey to the directing team – and MM’s budget – were pushed to the breaking point this week but it was totally worth it.

Again, simply brilliant.


Did I mention there were chickens?  By the way, this case inspired William to invent Swiss Chalet…


FIVE)  A last-minute save by William!  No details, but it was nice to see Yannick Bisson remind us just why the show is called Murdoch Mysteries and not A Bunch Of Coppers And A Dame Or Two, besides the obvious reasons, of course…


SIX)  Do whatever you have to do, but see this episode!  I’m not going to go any further for fear of spoiling the experience for anyone who hasn’t been blessed, but The Accident is no random act of television production, it’s what happens when a large group of hungry artists pool their talents to create something that will outlive them.

You’re going to cry, yes, but they’ll be different tears than the ones we’ve all been releasing of late.

True love’s first – and last – kiss.


See you in the lobby and on the CBC, kids… After you’ve watched this ep.


This tweet from prop Monkey was too cool to not include somewhere, so…

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22 Responses to The Accident May Be Murdoch Mysteries’ Finest Moment.

  1. Tara says:

    I want to move to Canada so I can watch the current episodes. That and enjoy a better national outlook on life. Just a pipe dream, I know. Can one watch back episodes of the current season IN Canada? Perhaps a weekend trip North with the hubs and we can get (somewhat) caught up?

    • The Hook says:

      Netflix has MM but I’m not sure if the current season is available.
      But CBC has the current season online, so you should be good!

    • Jen says:

      If you’re accessing the internet in Canada proper, you can stream every episode via the CBC website including the newest ones… Except season 4 for some reason.

  2. Celes says:

    Hi there!

    I understand that you might not have time nor want to name every single guest star from the episode but it’d be nice if you just don’t objectify the actress who played Abigail Liston (who by the way it’s Elise Bauman, which the people from the show were really happy to have as guest, you can check their official Twitter account) and simply comment on her as a ‘hot nurse’, because that way you’re disrespecting her work on some level only focusing on her looks.

    If you are not interested in her acting or whatsoever, it’s totally fine since it’s your opinion and blog but please reconsider next time before writing about or it and only make a comment on how ‘hot’ or ‘good’ the actor looks like.

    Thanks, have a nice day.

    • The Hook says:

      Thanks for stopping by, Celes.
      Have a great day.

      By the way, I’ve added Elise Bauman’s name to the caption but I’m standing by my original line. Right or wrong, I don’t want to live in a world where I can’t refer to an attractive woman as “hot”, especially in jest.

      • Celes says:

        Thanks for the reply and for acknowledging her name.
        Jest or not, like I stated in my original comment, I was not on board with the objectification of Elise because that takes off the credit of her performance.

        Again, have a nice day.

    • Threenorns says:

      Sorry, but “hot” totally applies. She was clearly intended as the equivalent of The Woman in the Red Dress. it would be very nice if people would take a moment to actualy analyze what they’re seeing before they go clutching at their pearls.

  3. StillWaters says:

    One of the best ever of Murdoch Mysteries. Love me a story that takes up the entire episode. David Hewlett was wonderful. Mr. Dilbert had a soul and was not just an officious bureaucrat. Good job by all, including the extras, especially that obnoxious TTC guy.

    I thought Watts was going to twist himself into a pretzel in his efforts to check out the nurse. Cool your jets, Watts.

    Down East moment: Good Protestant and Masonic lad George Crabtree blurting out: “Holy heart of Mary!!!”.

    • The Hook says:

      You’re a true Murdochian, SW.
      Thanks for dropping by and weighing in.

    • jmwloup5110 says:

      I love this series and while the acting was good this episode sucked the plot was too deep and dark

      • Threenorns says:

        The episode, while it may not be to your taste, did not “suck”. It was a superb episode that, yes, ended tragically. I was literally holding my hand to stop from clicking forward to see if Julia could pull a rescue at the last second and save him so he and Miss Ash could get the Happy Ever After they deserved in the neat little cottage they would have lived in.

        Just because I didn’t get what I wanted doesn’t mean the episode sucked.

  4. You’re quite good at writing interesting reviews. Shame there aren’t many newspapers that could support a critic. Real loss for society, the absence of talented respected professional critics
    (I’d write a less trite comment except I’m really bleary from chasing small person around – but it is fun to see things as brand new through his eyes again)

  5. shimoniac says:

    Hey, it’s okay to shed a few manly tears. it allows you to purge the emotional toxins and helps to keep you on a (more) even keel.

  6. susielindau says:

    I will definitely start watching this series!

  7. Jo Bryant says:

    Never heard of this before.

  8. Jen says:

    Tear-jerker was an understatement. Such a great episode and great write up. Thank you.

    And for future reference for non Canadians (ok, just Americans): Netflix used to have a good number of MM seasons – which is how I stumbled across it – but don’t as of a few months now. You can subscribe to Acorn for $10 a month but the app can be quite frustrating, especially if you’re used to Netflix (we gave up trying). You can also find episodes uploaded on streaming sites here and there before they get flagged and pulled down. (Ahem)

    And If you’re lucky enough to live in a border state you may belatedly realize that you’re still within CBC range even though you moved a bit further away from the crossing, which to my happiness is my situation.

    It’s a shame MM isn’t on a better channel in the US (I think it’s on Ovation, which is a channel I’ve never actually seen on a TV). I’ve still managed to get several friends addicted, though!

  9. Cynthia Campbell says:

    I subscribe to Acorn through Amazon Prime for only $4.99 a month, and it works very well though the Amazon Prime app. I’ve been watching Murdoch for several years through this app.

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