Woof! A Murdog Mystery Review.

I know what you’re thinking, but when the episode title goes to the dogs (along with the entire ep) I can’t be held accountable for my wordsmithy actions. So there.

As for this latest season ten (MMX, baby!) installment of Murdoch Mysteries, what can I say? I was pleased as turn-of-the-century punch when I realized:

  •  Our good buddy, Daniel Maslany was returning.
  •  There were going to be dogs! (Who doesn’t love dogs, right?)

As for the other things I realized/feared:

  •  No Brackenreid? Again?
  •  A puppy may see its master’s slaying?


c2ttb5cw8aa1lbuCops and mutts: It doesn’t get much better, kids.

But let’s get right to the heart of the matter, shall we?

ONE)  More Crabtree!  I have to say, Jonny Harris has been sorely missed this season. Yes, he’s been around more than Thomas Craig (what’s up with that, anyway, Peter Mitchell?) but that’s not saying much!

Regardless, Crabtree was in classic form this week, pairing up with Higgins to form the most entertaining crime-fighting duo since Scooby and Shaggy. And to top it off, they lost a prime “witness” (temporarily) while meeting up with Canadian singer Alan Doyle of the super group Great Big Sea who gave them – and us – a history lesson. (More on Doyle later.)


TWO)  Most murderous in show.  “Kenicide is not a crime, George.” Wrong, Detective Murdoch. Dead wrong. I have to say, I was skeptical of this week’s plot but it worked well, giving each cast member (minus the Inspector of course) a chance to contribute. MM is at its best when everyone is utilized. After all, Yannick can’t do it all, can he?

And we got the chance to reacquaint ourselves with Ruth Newsome in the process; she was worth her weight in comedic gold. As for Pistachio, the Wonder Mutt, it was ironic to see Yannick Bisson, a true dog lover, take some time to warm up to the concept of owning a dog just for the fun of it.

And did you notice Pistachio’s apprehending leap at the climax? The poor pup almost wiped out! But of course, in the end, Pistachio saved the day and won Murdoch’s heart in the process.

That’s a good dog…

c2vnuozwiaapf13Yannick and his pal, Duke. Told you he loved dogs…



THREE)  The new crime-solving duo of Watts and Jackson.  I’ll say it again, Daniel Maslany’s Detective Watts is a revelation. Maslany puts so much work into Watts’ eccentricities and brilliant-but-wholly-unique detecting abilities that I cannot stress how much he deserves his own show. And we all love Slugger Jackson, right?

As for their missing persons subplot, it was fascinating, serious enough to balance the ep’s comedic nature, and best of all, ongoing, so we can look forward to more from this new team.



FOUR)  Alan Doyle as Doctor Who?  Not quite, but he did reference “Canada’s birthday” early on as well as the eventual shifting of Newfoundland’s non-Confederation status. And his mid-credits scene where he retrieved a sketch of the not-yet -built CN Tower was priceless.

c2uajvzvqaaoh3nGreat Big Pals.

MM has often flirted with the fantastical (witches, fake time machines) but this is the second time we’ve actually been led to believe true fantasy elements have a place in Murdoch’s world. Remember the voodoo doll killing a few seasons back?

This was an amazing surprise and I hope we see Doyle again. Exceedingly-well done, Peter Mitchell and Company.


FIVE)  Beyond Murdoch, Beyond TV, Beyond Time!  After the ep ended, I realized Alan Doyle’s time traveler’s odyssey was actually going to lead to MM’s next web-based series. Sadly, I realized this after I had logged off for the night.

Yes, I suck. But not everyone does.

Point to you, Brian. The point is, Beyond Time is indeed a new MM web series. Here’s the official announcement:

Is time travel possible? And if it is, could it put the history of Canada and time itself at risk?

We’re excited to announce a new Murdoch Mysteries original online series starting TOMORROW. Don’t miss the new series “Murdoch Mysteries: Beyond Time” every Tuesday and Friday at 12:00 PM ET at http://www.cbc.ca/murdochmysteries/

As the kids say, “Isn’t that the coolest?”


That’s it for this week, Murdochians. Log on to watch Murdoch Mysteries: Beyond Time starting today and until next week, see you in the lobby and on the CBC…

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4 Responses to Woof! A Murdog Mystery Review.

  1. Karen Brentnell says:

    Hook, you outdo yourself with these followups! Have not seen the episode yet,but will enjoy it more with all your background info! Thank you! Detective Watts is like a Columbo style cop, only more annoying, I think! Daniel does a great job in this role and I really enjoy seeing these characters return. Love the comedic element to this show along with the murder,mystery and meyhem!! Thanks again, Hook, for your wisdom and insights!

  2. D. Parker says:

    Woof! Woof! This was a dog-gone amazing episode of MM. Loved it and this post! 🙂 I wish MM would never ever end! 🙂

  3. Well done, Hook. More reasons to move to Canada. (Well…this is one reason)

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