5×5 With The Hook: Sarah McVie.

The best thing I can say about today’s guest is this: She’s the most underrated chick on Canadian television.

Seriously, Sarah McVie may have only been acting for seven years but she’s never given a bad performance. She leaves it all on the set. And if you haven’t seen her as Val Szalinsky on CBC’s mega-hit, Workin’ Moms, you’ve cheated yourself of thirteen weeks of yukgasms. And trust me, yukgasms are more fun than they sound.

Then again, they’d have to be, wouldn’t they?

But back to Sarah. Not only does she play the greatest leader of any Mommy And Me group in the Multiverse on Workin’ Moms, she’s really, really smart. And we’re not talking abut the kind of smart you call someone when you’re trying to be nice, like, “She’s got ginormous jugs… but she’s really smart, too!” or even, “She’s kind of a bitch… but she’s super smart, so she can’t be all bad!”

No, Sarah is genuinely smart. How genuinely smart? She’s been a lecturer in Drama Studies in the English Department at Carleton University since 2010. That’s pretty damn smart, kids.

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Yes!  Being on The Hook’s blog is #4 on my bucket list!  Right after contracting gonorrhea!

A native of Ottawa (Canada’s version of Washington with fewer scandals but just as many asshats) Sarah began her career in theatre as an actor at the Stratford Festival, where her roles included: Cordelia in King Lear opposite Christopher Plummer (yes, that Christopher Plummer) The Bawd in Pericles, Lady MacDuff in Macbeth, and Marianna in Alls Well that Ends Well.

Sarah was also a member of the Stratford Conservatory for Classical Theatre Training and a recipient of the John Hirsch Award for the most promising young actor. I’m sure it’s just a coincidence that all the other promising young actors that year met with “accidents”…

(Oh, that Hook! Is he serious? Mad as a Trumpian hatter? Who knows? Who cares?)

If you’d like further proof that Sarah’s not just a hot Canadian chick with a rockin’ bod and a brain to match, feast on this: Over the years Sarah has worked with the Stratford Education Department to bring her intense passion for classical theatre to students across Ontario (think of a state, my Yankee friends) making visits to schools and offering workshops for teachers and students of all ages.

Giving back to this world instead of just taking is the hallmark of a true hero, kids.

Two years back, Sarah co-wrote a play called The Public Servant, which was produced and developed by Theatre Columbus. It premiered at the Great Canadian Theatre Company in June, 2015 and more than one member of the audience was heard to remark, “It’s way better than Cats!”.  (I love a good SCTV joke, don’t you? Get thee to the YouTube, young ones.)

At this point in her life, Sarah teaches and also works in film and TV as a voice-over artist, director and acting coach. Additionally, she has a full life filled with love, laughter, Workin’ Moms greatness and now a spot in 5×5 history.

One more thing: (long live Peter Falk), Sarah’s work on the aforementioned Workin’ Moms may be a far cry from her theatre background, but it has helped to change lives. This isn’t hyperbole; Workin’ Moms uses jaw-dropping humor to shine a light on irrefutable truths society doesn’t like to discuss very often. Or at all.

Moms are human.

Moms bleed. (On the inside, in their soul, people. Grow up.)

Moms are sexual beings who get every bit as horny as the rest of us.

A mom has the right to decide if she doesn’t want to keep being a new mom ad infinitum.

The list goes on but you get the point, right? Now let’s get on with the 5×5 show. Take it away, SM!

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Now that I’ve been on The Hook’s blog I feel so freeee!!!

ONE)  I might as well start off by giving the people what they want: What was your greatest moment on the Workin’ Moms set, Sarah?  (On-camera or otherwise, it doesn’t matter.)

Flouncing around in that Cinderella gown making those kids giggle with my improvised harp solo was hands down the highlight of the first season shoot.

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TWO)  You co-wrote a play; if you could work on any production, in any time period, in any role on or off the stage, what would you choose?  (And don’t feel any pressure to say Hamilton just because it’s hotter than a June bride sitting bareback on a wood stove right now.)

I understudied Lady Macbeth as a young actor at Stratford and desperately wanted to go on.

Never did. That’s my dream role.


THREE)  As an actual Professor you’re literally the smartest person I’ve ever interviewed, Sarah… who’s your favorite dead Prime Minister?

Lester B. Pearson.

My grandmother was his administrative assistant until she met my grandfather and had to quit, because back then women weren’t allowed to be married and have a career.

(This answer inspired my daughter to remark, “What the duck! Sounds like the Dark Ages to me!”)


FOUR)  Like all members of the Workin’ Moms cast I’m sure you’ve had a lot of feedback from actual parents, Sarah.  Can you share a memorable comment/conversation you’ve received from a fan?

A close friend was really touched by the relationship between Anne and Alice. In particular that moment when Alice folds the pizza up like her mom did, it moved my friend to tears.

(Your friend certainly wasn’t alone, Sarah.)


FIVE)  Can you use five words to describe the current state of Canadian TV?

Funny. Edgy. Underfunded. Overlooked. Undersold.

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Seriously, Hook? This was the best you could do? You’re no Catherine Marcelle Reitman, buddy…

On that note, I’m outta here, kids. My eternal thanks to Sarah McVie for being here and of course, to all of you, I say, thank you and good day.

See you in the lobby, kids…

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8 Responses to 5×5 With The Hook: Sarah McVie.

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  2. davidprosser says:

    Excellent post Robert, I’m even starting to believe these 5×5’s are real people who I might see on my TV one day and you didn’t just make up all the answers. And just to show you how hard I am….folding the pizza (whatever THAT means) didn’t move me at all.
    Hugs n’ have a great week.

  3. umashankar says:

    Long after the dust has settled, you’d be remembered more as an incredible chronicler of Canadian Television than the prescient bellman who blogged.

  4. I’m a little late but did enjoy this interview, Hook.

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