Hades Hath No Fury Disassembled: A Murdoch Mysteries Review.

Most of my life I’ve felt like an outsider.

Strange way to begin a review, I know. Then again this week’s MM ep was all about lost souls seeking refuge from a world they no longer felt safe or accepted in, so…

This week was a winner for Peter Mitchell and Company on multiple levels. But don’t just take my word for it; let’s allow the facts to speak for themselves shall we?


latestThis week’s opening – and my writing career – all in one glorious pic…

ONE)  Brackenreid really is back, baby!  Yes, it looks as though last week’s events weren’t just a tease, Thomas Craig really is back for what remains of the year. While the Inspector didn’t have a whole lot to do (more on this later) his presence restored the balance this show has cultivated over ten seasons.

Then again…


TWO)  No Crabtree?  There isn’t much to say about this, except I was bummed at George’s absence – and I know I wasn’t alone.


THREE)  A well-crafted, chilling mystery that started out with a bang!  From an obliterated female corpse sprang a conclusion to Det. Watts’ missing women of Toronto subplot, a community of self-appointed female demi-goddesses and even more parallels between Watts and Murdoch than anyone could ever have expected, this ep had it all.



FOUR)  A little something for every character.  Except Higgins, Miss Cherry and George, that is. But other than that, everyone had a role to play (literally). From Miss James’ beau Nate to Julia to Jackson, each character contributed to the overall richness of the episode; further proof the MM writing team is one of the best in the business on a global scale.


FIVE)  The mystery itself.  Women fleeing persecution is something we see even today, but the Greek identity crisis was a novel approach. You could practically feel the venom these damged goddesses were spewing in William’s direction – but then Michelle Ricci upped the ante by revealing the head goddess as Watts’ long-lost sister, Clarissa.






SIX)  It’s science, kids!  The prospect of wiping out the male species must have elicited a few squeals of delight from many a female MM viewer, but on top of that, it was a fascinating wrinkle to the whole “gender war” plot. And it was culled from actual history! Nettie Stevens (1861–1912) was an early American geneticist and one of the first American women to be recognized for her contribution to science.

Learning is fun.

c1xrxdfxaaapkzbNever mess with female scientists, kids…



SEVEN)  A weak but still enjoyable romantic subplot.  As you have no doubt surmised, I wasn’t a fan of the “Is he or isn’t he?” subplot centering on Nate’s supposed indiscretion. Then again, it gave the Inspector some  time with Miss James, so it wasn’t all bad. Plus, we got to hear Brackenreid say “canoodling” again.

latestWho could cheat on this face?  Plus, she knows how to wield a scalpel…


EIGHT)  Best line of the ep:

“”Would your sister forsake you for a house of women who have eschewed the world in which you live?” – Det. Watts.

Murdoch’s sister was a nun.

So that’s a yes.


NINE)  Llewelyn Watts defined.  I’ll say it again: Det. Watts, as brought to life by Daniel Maslany is one of the greatest MM characters of all time.

His little throat catches, his unique way of wooing the ladies, his obsession with street meat and now his heartbreaking backstory all flesh out an amazing young man with a keen and agile mind. And yes, the parallels between Watts and Murodch are heavy-handed – but awesome nonetheless. And I love Watts’ relationship with Slugger Jackson.

Simply marvelous.

cwlkx2twyaau1ysWhy haven’t you invented a cafeteria for  Station House No. Four, Detective Murdoch?


TEN)  Freddie Pink is back too, baby!  As fans of CBC’s hit drama. Pure, can tell you, Alex Paxton-Beesley is a magnificent actress and her intrepid female detective, Freddie Pink, came through once more.


And that, kids, is all I have to say about that.

See you in the lobby and on the CBC…

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13 Responses to Hades Hath No Fury Disassembled: A Murdoch Mysteries Review.

  1. Rosemary says:

    Great review! Greek goddesses have always been slightly touchy, and all about getting even. Something a bit attractive about that aspect of them, hmmmm?

  2. umashankar says:

    You are this magical window to exotic (star-studded) soaps and lobbies (of multi-starred hotels) to me. I am not going to wander within a mile of a female scientist after that, not if I can help it!

  3. Marion Hardy says:

    Right on again Hook!

  4. Another fine recap that makes us South Americans jealous.

  5. This was a great review Hook. You’ve just introduced me to the Murdoch Mysteries (I know, I know, I need to stay in more. I’m missing too much stuff). Now I just need to find a way to watch Canadian Broadcasting Corp shows here in Romania, OR take a quick trip back to Canada (and not get distracted by all the gorgeous hiking opportunities). Cheers!

  6. Thanks Robert… I have been getting caught up on the seasons. I am on Season 6 now! YAH!

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