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Five Simple Ways To Actually Enjoy Your Vacation: Part 1.

Over the course of my career I’ve served thousands of people. If I had to guess, I’d say that less than half of those people actually enjoyed themselves. Here are some tips that, if followed correctly, should allow you to … Continue reading

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A Sunday For The Record Books…

For many, Sunday is a holy day, reserved for rest and reflection; a day to gaze upon God’s wondrous creations and know that they are good. For me, Sunday is the day they blow the gates of Hell wide open … Continue reading

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“The Hook is one funny white boy!”

In the hospitality industry, the key to success is simple; make the guest feel at home. And that’s just what I did this morning while sharing an elevator with a charming African-American couple. AA MALE: ( Addressing The Hook) Mornin’ … Continue reading

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A “Queeb tax”? What’s Next? A “Courtesy Toll”?

As even a casual reader of my work will tell you, The Hook is not one to suffer fools lightly – to say the least. That having been said, even I was stunned to hear of the “Queeb tax” that … Continue reading

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Don’t Bother Trying To Bridge The Generation Gap….

You’ll miss out on all the fun! Take my life for example: I deal with plenty of older folks and they never fail to amaze me with their resilience while simultaneously dismaying me with their stubbornness. I recently served an … Continue reading

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The Girls of Summer…

A guest recently asked me, “Which guests are cheaper, men or women?” There is no easy answer; gender is not indicative of kindness or consideration towards others. While women are certainly the more gentle of the species, the younger specimens … Continue reading

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And Now… A Quick Thought From The Hook.

I have just spent the last seven hours slugging luggage for the traveling public… All the while, I’ve had to deal with their baggage as well. My efforts have led me to one conclusion: people are capable of reaching great … Continue reading

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The Hook Dodges A Bullet – Barely!

Trust me, it will make sense soon. First though, a short explanation: many of the guests I come in contact with think my job is one best-suited for a simpleton. Do you know how often I’ve heard, “So what are … Continue reading

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Travel Tips, Technical Malfunctions and Other Business…

TRAVEL TIP: EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED! You can plan every detail with military-like precision, but ultimately, your trip is going to unfold as fate intends it to. So when you find yourself experiencing shock and awe, just take a deep breath … Continue reading

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The Hook Adresses His Critics….

It was recently brought to my attention that my work is considered to be mean-spirited towards tourists, to which I respond with the following query: so what?  Is Denis Leary considered a mean person? Is Lewis Black considered a vindictive … Continue reading

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