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5×5 With The Hook: Yannick Bisson.

(Yes, that Yannick Bisson, kids. It really is a Murdoch Monday.) As I often tell the wife, this is the big one. Of course, like the wife, I’m sure you’re having some doubts… Well dispel them now, friends. In my … Continue reading

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Just A Tidbit For You Today.

But what a tidbit… Or, if you prefer, “Why I’ll never discuss who might have died on The Walking Dead season finale while I’m at the Bell Desk again.” ME:  Hello, Robert speaking… how may I kill you? GUEST:  Uh… … Continue reading

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Ten Reasons Breakfast Television Should Include Niagara Falls.

So our good friend, Niagara Falls Mayor Jim Diodati, has proposed a new morning show feature on Toronto’s Breakfast Television: Live weekly hits from Niagara Falls.  Anyone out there wondering how yours truly feels about that? Anyone? Bueller? Now that … Continue reading

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An Open Letter To Shaun Majumder.

Mr. Majumder, You’re a world-class comic and not a psychic, but surely you realize what this post is all about, right? Your “This Beautiful Country” segment on this week’s This Hour Has 22 Minutes has not won you any new … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, Jack.

HOOK’S NOTE: Technically, this post isn’t effective until tomorrow, but my blog, my rules… Today is a very special day. Several years ago – the exact number is irrelevant for our purposes – a man named Jack Fisher was born. … Continue reading

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Meet The Original Douchebag!

 My father-in-law, God bless him, is a retired widower who, like most people his age has a daily routine he follows faithfully. Three times a day he heads out to the local Tim Hortons coffee shop for a cup of … Continue reading

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