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Ten Things You Didn’t Know About Canada.

Thanks to the glorious power of the interweb at least one of the ten people reading this hails from somewhere other than my home and native land. It’s a fact. Google it. This post is for all of the non-Canucks … Continue reading

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5×5 With The Hook: Yannick Bisson.

(Yes, that Yannick Bisson, kids. It really is a Murdoch Monday.) As I often tell the wife, this is the big one. Of course, like the wife, I’m sure you’re having some doubts… Well dispel them now, friends. In my … Continue reading

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Just A Tidbit For You Today.

But what a tidbit… Or, if you prefer, “Why I’ll never discuss who might have died on The Walking Dead season finale while I’m at the Bell Desk again.” ME:  Hello, Robert speaking… how may I kill you? GUEST:  Uh… … Continue reading

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Ten Reasons Breakfast Television Should Include Niagara Falls.

So our good friend, Niagara Falls Mayor Jim Diodati, has proposed a new morning show feature on Toronto’s Breakfast Television: Live weekly hits from Niagara Falls.  Anyone out there wondering how yours truly feels about that? Anyone? Bueller? Now that … Continue reading

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An Open Letter To Shaun Majumder.

Mr. Majumder, You’re a world-class comic and not a psychic, but surely you realize what this post is all about, right? Your “This Beautiful Country” segment on this week’s This Hour Has 22 Minutes has not won you any new … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, Jack.

HOOK’S NOTE: Technically, this post isn’t effective until tomorrow, but my blog, my rules… Today is a very special day. Several years ago – the exact number is irrelevant for our purposes – a man named Jack Fisher was born. … Continue reading

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Meet The Original Douchebag!

 My father-in-law, God bless him, is a retired widower who, like most people his age has a daily routine he follows faithfully. Three times a day he heads out to the local Tim Hortons coffee shop for a cup of … Continue reading

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