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100 Reasons To Not Kill Yourself: #94.

This one is quite obvious but if you’re depressed it may not register in your consciousness. So allow me to illuminate you… #94: It’s Really Going To Hurt. Seriously, like I mean really hurt. Like Indian rug burn hurt. A … Continue reading

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What Would “The Bellman Chronicles: The Series” Look Like Anyway? Part Two

Because one post simply wasn’t enough, and because no one demanded a part two… But I know you really wanted one. And because as a schoolboy I was taught never to begin a sentence with “because”, I have decided to … Continue reading

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Just A Tidbit For You Today.

But what a tidbit… Or, if you prefer, “Why I’ll never discuss who might have died on The Walking Dead season finale while I’m at the Bell Desk again.” ME:  Hello, Robert speaking… how may I kill you? GUEST:  Uh… … Continue reading

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Cheerleaders, man…

I’d like to begin by stating my love for cheerleaders and the parents who sacrifice so much to support them as they shake their pom-poms. I’d like to begin that way… I kid of course – but that’s only because … Continue reading

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It’s List Time, Kiddies!

Gather round the virtual campfire, children, it’s time for The Hook to read from ye olde list. In other words, here’s another lame-ass post cobbled together from my eighteen years in the Niagara Falls hospitality trenches. Excited yet? Either way, … Continue reading

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Silent Sunday: Shh…. Again.

Too… tired… to blog today.  Must… nap before… The Walking Dead tonight… Sorry about this. Chelsea is knackered if she doesn’t get her fourteen hours a day.  It’s a rough life isn’t it? See you in the lobby, kids…

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The Hook Has Become An Honorary Member of the Pulp Nation

Won’t you join him? I mean, me? Jimmy’s getting confused… At any rate, I’ve written another post about my Niagara Falls Comic Con odyssey but my good friends and fellow geeks at Pulp Nation have graciously agreed to post it … Continue reading

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