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The One Where The Hook Rambled.

Question: What do you do when you’re a blogger who is as blocked as a fat kid after eating entire triple-cheese pizza smothered in Velveeta? Well, we’re about to find out. If this picture of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau … Continue reading

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It Sounds Like It’d Be Great To Create On, But Writer’s Block Actually Sucks.

Seriously, I’d rather be tasked with brushing the teeth of a rabid jackal, or teach a Kardashian how to open a book than have to overcome writer’s block. As any of my ten regular readers can tell you, I haven’t … Continue reading

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Five Minutes With The Hook.

No, this isn’t the trailer for my long-awaited and much demanded pornographic film debut, so don’t get too excited. This one is brief, intense and hits the spot almost immediately. (Come to think if it, this one does sort of … Continue reading

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5×5 With The Hook: Ned Hickson

This is Ned. This is Ned’s Blog. Ned is one of those guys you want to gravitate towards when you spot him at a party filled with boring, unhinged, needy people discussing their boring “blah blah blah” lives. Or as … Continue reading

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Holiday Hi-jinks!

Where to begin? What about a Travel Tip? LET YOUR KIDS BE KIDS! Too many people send their children to my desk to secure a cart. Never mind the fact there are over 900 rooms in my hotel and thousands of strangers … Continue reading

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