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Want To See The Hook on Steven and Chris? The Hook Does…

I have the best readers in the world. When I asked you to read my blog, you answered: I have over 1,000 readers between both blogs! When I asked you to download my book, you did so: 6,059 downloads in … Continue reading

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Don’t Bother Trying To Bridge The Generation Gap….

You’ll miss out on all the fun! Take my life for example: I deal with plenty of older folks and they never fail to amaze me with their resilience while simultaneously dismaying me with their stubbornness. I recently served an … Continue reading

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Giveaways, Foul-Mouthed “Girlfriends”, And Other Business..

The giveaway window has closed, and the final tally is…. 6,053! That’s right, kids, The Bellman Chronicles is now in the hands of thousands of people and I can only hope the momentum carries through to sales and reviews. But … Continue reading

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And Now… A Quick Thought From The Hook.

I have just spent the last seven hours slugging luggage for the traveling public… All the while, I’ve had to deal with their baggage as well. My efforts have led me to one conclusion: people are capable of reaching great … Continue reading

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The Bellman Chronicles Is “Live” On The Kindle!

The final hurdle has been overcome: my love letter to the hospitality industry is now available on the Kindle store. That’s pretty much it, folks. I’d love it if everyone bought it – it’s a steal $4.99 – but even … Continue reading

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