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I Know You’re Busy Watching Football, But If You Have A Minute…

I’ve seen it all today. Psychotic strippers-turned-escorts. Maniacal rugrats on sugar-fueled rampages across the lobby landscape. The biggest, meanest, bully I’ve ever encountered in seventeen years in the hospitality trenches. A colleague who bent over like a two-dollar hooker for … Continue reading

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Happy Holidays… You Filthy Animals.

Well, the holidays are upon us, a time for sharing, caring and plenty of travel tales from yours truly. Unfortunately, I’ve been distracted writing, editing and obsessing over Book Two, serving travelers to my fair city and oh yeah, being … Continue reading

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The Stillness Before The Blast of Human Suffering.

Because “The calm Before the Storm” just wasn’t going to cut it. 7:31 am:  The lobby is still and void of travelers, but the lifeless tones of Muzak fills the cold Canadian March air that fills my lungs and the … Continue reading

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Updates, Rugrats, and The Usual Fun – Hook Style!

Before we get to the latest in “hospitality happenings”, its time for an update or two people… THE HOOK HAS JOINED THE FOURTH ESTATE! The Hook’s latest plot to infiltrate the world’s consciousness has borne fruit; my first column for … Continue reading

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