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100 Reasons To Not Kill Yourself #22.

I think that even though humanity is pretty much tearing itself to ribbons theses days over impeachment, whether or not Trudeau is a douchebag, and the Peloton commercial, humanity can still agree on three things:  Moving to a new living … Continue reading

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The Hook’s Top One Hundred: Part Four.

Time for our fourth fantastic (as in the Fantastic Four) and final installment, kids! Yeah, I’m a nerd, but I’ve had sex with a woman, so what of it? Speaking of sex… FUN WITH HOOKERS – THAT DIDN’T COST ME … Continue reading

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It’s A New Dawn, It’s A New Post…

I have decided to choose a path after being at a crossroads for far too long, my friends. It’s taken time, more grains of sand through the hourglass than I could ever count in fact, but I’ve finally emerged from … Continue reading

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The Dead Cannot Speak… That’s Where We Come In.

It’s a frigid morning in Niagara Falls and as always, I was listening to music on my phone during the ten minute walk to work; the tunes of choice were from the Broadway show that, in my daughter’s mind ranks … Continue reading

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What Would “The Bellman Chronicles: The Series” Look Like Anyway? Part Two

Because one post simply wasn’t enough, and because no one demanded a part two… But I know you really wanted one. And because as a schoolboy I was taught never to begin a sentence with “because”, I have decided to … Continue reading

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100 Not-So-Random Thoughts The Hook Has Every Day: Part Two.

Thank you for continuing this journey with me, even though it’s taken awhile. Now, where to begin… Oh wait, I know! 51)  “Where was I?” Honestly, I ask myself that question a million times a day.  I’m guilty of starting … Continue reading

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