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The Hook Does Comic Con!

It was a dark and stormy night… in Latveria. (Sorry, but since my body is still under viral attack and my brain has been heavily taxed by my weekend geeky shenanigans, I really didn’t know where to begin this post-Comic … Continue reading

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Why I Love Comic Cons. (I swear, the post is better than the title.)

I’m still operating at 40% power, but writing this  post is an alternative to staring at throngs of  travelers as they drag their overloaded backpacks, duffel bags, cardboard boxes, laundry baskets, strollers and various other makeshift suitcases through the lobby. … Continue reading

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Updates, Viruses, Niagara Falls Comic Con, and Lesbians. (In that order.)

So here’s the deal, kids: I’ve been crazy busy living in the so-called “real world”, as well as being the happy-go-lucky, snarky bellman many a hotel guest has come to know and love/loathe, and so something has had to be … Continue reading

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5×5 With The Hook: Paul Tappay

Appropriately, what I am about to tell you is a time-honored comic book cliché, but the truth is irrefutable: There are heroes among us. My hometown is known the world over for its natural beauty but when you look deeper, … Continue reading

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I’m Calling A Time-Out, Kids. But First… (UPDATED)

My muscles – the few that I have, at least – ache. My brain is exploring a million possibilities simultaneously, everyone one of which sucks, by the way. I feel like a man gripping a cursed monkey’s paw; my first … Continue reading

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My Crazy Bellman Life: Myths and Facts.

FACT:  Millions of souls have passed through my lobby over the years, each of them distinct and separate from the whole of humanity in their own way. MYTH:  Beyond familial, social or employment bonds, each of these individuals has no real connection … Continue reading

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I’m Invoking Kelly Oxford in This Title Because She’s Huge On Twitter And This Will Draw Attention There.

 (I’m a sneaky devil, aren’t I?) A BRIEF ANNOUNCEMENT:  I’ve been nominated in the Badass Blogger Awards . The Indie Chicks have a kick-ass site worth checking out. Vote for me and I’ll be your best friend. That’s a $50 value, folks. And now, … Continue reading

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The Wisdom of Hook, Observations, ‘Cons and Plugs.

The majority of my guest interactions are limited to the standard formula: I load-up/drop-off the luggage, hopefully receive a tip, answer a question or two and move on. However, on those rare occasions that I share a small piece of … Continue reading

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Ten Things I’ll Never Do Again During March Break.

My shoulders are hunched ever so slightly. My head is swimming. My stomach feels like a volcano on the verge. Must be March Break…. Here then, are ten things The Hook will never do again during this unholiest of weeks. … Continue reading

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The Hook Goes Crazy (For a Working Mom) And Bits of Other Business…

The lovely, talented and overworked Jessica Stilwell has graciously allowed me to play in her sandbox once more; just click HERE to explode with laughter. And I don’t blame you if you’re laughing at the sandbox comment; it doesn’t seem … Continue reading

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