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On This Day…

There’s so much I want to say to you that I didn’t say while we were both sitting in that hospital room surrounded by a cacophony of beeping devices, moans, soft, desperate pleas for help and the occasional chirping bird … Continue reading

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Not-so-Silent Sunday: Mother’s Day Edition.

Slight change of plans today, friends. I just want to share a few words about this most underrated of holidays, Mother’s Day. In terms of acknowledging the value of mothers, we’ve come a long way in our society from the … Continue reading

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To The Women Who Made Me Who I Am.

Read on and you’ll know who to blame. Once I was nothing – literally. You gave me life, it’s true, but more than that, you gave me love. I grew up surrounded by you guiding hand (grandma pitched in too, … Continue reading

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Because Everyone Else Will Wait Until Tomorrow…

Well, it’s that time of year again, the time to honor those who survived hours of agonizing labor pains to bring all of us into this wild and wonderful world. I both love and dread this time of year with … Continue reading

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A Wild Weekend – Hook Style!

Opening night of Thor, fast food, and the second-to-last episode of Smallville, followed by Free Comic Book Day the next morning. Top it all off with Mother’s Day and you’ve got The Hook’s weekend. Okay, so it’s not exactly The Hangover, but … Continue reading

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