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It’s Monday; What’s On The Hook’s Mind?

Filling this space with something, pretty much anything, obviously. So let’s get started, shall we? ONE)  Seriously?  It’s World Emoji Day. If you were unaware of this real-world celebration of the virtual world, congratulations; it may not be much but … Continue reading

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Monday Morning Wisdom From The Hook.

Yes, technically, it’s Tuesday. No, you aren’t so hungover that you slept through Monday. Again. And no, you haven’t fallen into an alternate dimension where super-intelligent dolphin overlords keep a restless human populace calm by eradicating things they hate, like … Continue reading

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Even A Quiet Murdoch Monday Has Its Moments.

My shift today has been as vacant and desolate as Kim Kardashian’s conscience. However, that doesn’t mean it’s been completely boring… GIGGLY GIRL:  We’re so glad to be here! We’re from London and we love it here! Thanks for helping … Continue reading

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