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Silent Sunday: Pet Shaming Done Right.

Well, friends, another week has burned away into ash, to be scattered across the sands of time. Yes, I am a upbeat devil, thank you for noticing. Passover hit Niagara Falls like a Sharknado times ten this year. I love … Continue reading

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Ten-Hut! There’s an Inspection Today, So Straighten Up And Fly Right, Maggots!

There’s an inspector from Head Office (a term that shouldn’t make me giggle so much, but it does), in the hotel today and so, as anyone with a modicum of familiarity with the inner workings of bureaucratic thinking knows, all … Continue reading

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Conversations With The Hook: The Lightning Round.

As I compose this message to you, my friends, the day has barely begun; the last remnants of the midnight fog are fading, burned off by the relentless rays of the morning sun. The Sunday morning rush has yet to erupt into … Continue reading

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Miley, Missed Opportunities, and Bits ‘n Bites of Wisdom From The Hook.

It is 7 am. It is Monday. The midnight bellman has just informed me of the presence of a young, nubile, completely naked female in her twenties who found herself locked out of her room on the 25th floor. And … Continue reading

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Originally posted on The Oracles Realm:
The day has come!  THANK YOU FOR VISITING AND SUPPORTING ME!!!  What Will All The Neighbors Think is  AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE HERE Or Search in you iTunes Store just TYPE MY NAME!!!  JASMINE KYLE!…

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Not Being Kryptonian Sucks.

EARLY, FAR TOO EARLY, SUNDAY, SEPT. 1, 2013: The skies are clear, the sun is shining like a super star and the natives are beginning to stir from their alcohol/party/passion-induced slumber. The valet deck will soon stink of fossil fuels, … Continue reading

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I Was Going To Call This One “Someone, Please Kill Me”, But Someone Would Have Panicked.

(At least, I hope they would have.) TEN REASONS WHY MY DAY HAS BEEN A TOTAL TRAIN WRECK. And I don’t mean a Robin Thicke VMA performance wreck, I mean a true “locomotive completely off the rails in an orgy … Continue reading

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More Sunday Morning Fun With The Hook!

Another Sunday morning check-out has come and gone. As usual, things went as smoothly as the fall of Saigon. There were a few douchebags who stood head and shoulders above the rest like the group of twenty-something guys who stumbled … Continue reading

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“The Pat”, and other ways people avoid tipping.

Once upon a time, the world was a simpler place and people showed respect for each other. When a guest checked into a hotel they were greeted by a bellhop, his smile and cart at their service. And when they arrived at … Continue reading

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