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Why #BoycottBT Needs To Happen, People.

Anyone who has ever read this blog or met me in person knows I’m never at a loss for words. Seriously, I’ve been a smartass at funerals, divorce proceedings, even a ten-car pileup. (The highway cop almost arrested me; though … Continue reading

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Ten Reasons Breakfast Television Should Include Niagara Falls.

So our good friend, Niagara Falls Mayor Jim Diodati, has proposed a new morning show feature on Toronto’s Breakfast Television: Live weekly hits from Niagara Falls.  Anyone out there wondering how yours truly feels about that? Anyone? Bueller? Now that … Continue reading

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Ten Reasons Why Breakfast Television is the Only Morning Show Worth Watching.

(Or “How To Shamelessly Suck Up While Publishing a Monday Filler Post” by The Hook.) Either one is applicable. Here we go. 1)  They have a name that’s easy to remember.  Breakfast Television (Or BT for those who just don’t … Continue reading

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