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Booking A Getaway? Keep This In Mind…

To be clear, the getaway I’m referring to doesn’t include your cousin Mookie sitting in a suped-up Dodge Charger on the street while you clean out a Money Mart with your crew. No, this is another classic set of travel … Continue reading

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Things You Should Never Say To A Niagara Falls Hooker.

Certain marketing geniuses have tried – rather unsuccessfully, it should be noted – to market Niagara Falls as a”Little Vegas” in the past. While my hometown has two casinos, it is no Las Vegas – by any means. And by … Continue reading

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Who Is The Hook, Really?

Here we go, kids, another chapter in the ongoing exploration of my psyche. Brace yourselves, this one gets a bit salty… To better understand Robert “The Hook” Hookey, one need only look at the following scenario that recently unfolded in … Continue reading

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Boxing Day Shenanigans With The Hook!

  To be clear, my Boxing Day does not consist of battles with strangers for a deal on electronics or bedding accessories. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t a conflict or two. The usual hi-jinks are doubled over the holidays. … Continue reading

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