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It HAS To Be Monday…

There’s simply no other explanation for this post.  Despite the tightrope-walk-over-a-wormhole-containing-a-million-shrarknados that is my work life, my mornings are fairly routine: I wake up to the alarm clock’s warning, peel the dog off my legs, carry her downstairs so she … Continue reading

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A Typical Morning… For Me, At Least.

VAMPIRELOVER (THE WIFE):  (Upon seeing my new hairstyle for the first time.)  Nice cut there, Skippy! ME:  I take it you don’t approve? VL:  You look like a soldier, which is hilarious because you wouldn’t last two minutes in the … Continue reading

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Wake Up, Boy! There’s A Dead Raccoon In The Driveway!

Certain bloggers wake up to morning sex. Me? I wake up to VampireLover alerting me to a vehicular homicide that ended with the furry, four-legged, victim at the end of my property. There are seven driveways on my street, but … Continue reading

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A Brief Look Behind The Curtain That Separates My Two Worlds.

There are two worlds in my universe. In one, I’m the world’s only blogging bellman, The Hook, and in the other I am plain ole Robert Hookey. One may seem pedestrian compared to the other, but trust me, they’re equally … Continue reading

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