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Oh, That Hook!

So Toyota recently had a conference at the hotel – and the fun was flowing like cheap champagne. Especially when I rode one of the guest elevators and three very chipper Toyota executives boarded consecutively… TOYOTA EXEC #1:  Hey, I’m … Continue reading

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Ever Wonder How The Hook’s Day Begins?

Not my actual day at home, but my “labors” in the hospitality field. It is five past eight in the morning as I peck these words out to you and I’ve already spent ten minutes wiping down the handrail leading … Continue reading

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“You Really Said THAT, Hook?”

There’s a reason why I’ve inspired more hotel managers to have eye rolls than TripAdvisor, kids. I tend to say things other hospitality workers would never even think, much less say to a guest. For example, when a guest in … Continue reading

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Room 1408 (With Respect To The Master, Stephen King. All Hail Stephen King.)

“You should write a book. But if you make it one of those tweenage porno stories disguised as a vampire romance novel, I’ll come back here and beat you to death with a copy of Twilight.” Uncover a man’s desires … Continue reading

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What’s Happening in my World Right Now? (Like right this second?)

How often have you sat around your respective domiciles/lairs/mom’s basement, pondering life’s mysteries like, “I wonder what The Hook is doing right now?” Here’s the answer. You’re welcome. Two hookers just clip-clopped their way through the lobby. (How do you … Continue reading

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I Think We’re Due For A Sunday Post, Don’t You?

Well, the hotel has new lobby furniture, but otherwise, it’s business as usual. Case in point, at 8:00 A.M. this morning I rolled my luggage cart past the most obvious hooker I have ever cast my bellman eyes upon in … Continue reading

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My Feelings on Deconstructionists and an Excerpt From Book Two.

Hello, I’m The Hook and this is what’s on my mind at the moment. Ironically, there is very little occurring between my ears at the moment. My synapses are frozen solid by the frigid Canadian winter that has blasted its … Continue reading

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Fun With Top Ten Lists and Philosophy.

After exploring the darkness that hides in the shadows cast by the bright neon lights of my hometown, I’ve decided to explore the dark humor generated by the many colorful characters that cross the threshold of my home away from home. Our … Continue reading

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The Hook On… Hookers: Part Two!

In keeping with my ongoing examination of the ever-changing state of the hospitality industry, I’d like to take a look at those who, until now, have been nocturnal creatures, prowling hotel bars and hallways long after the sun has given … Continue reading

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