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Money, money, money…

To say a bellman has a unique relationship with money is to suggest Donald Trump has hit a few speed bumps in his first one hundred days in office. Before I ever donned my first ill-fitted bellman uniform I knew … Continue reading

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The People In Hook’s Neighborhood: Sunday Edition.

(Yes, I realize it’s Friday. Shut up.) “Why Sunday? What makes that day so special, Hook”, you ask? Well, as I write this, it is my first day back since the Staycation from Hell. “What made it the Staycation from … Continue reading

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Things I’ve Overheard This Week.

This one needs no explanation. So you’re not getting one. So there. However, I will say this: My life at the hotel is like twisting a radio dial endlessly, never remaining on a single station for long. The end result … Continue reading

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31 Things I’d Rather Do Than Serve A Hockey Family.

BEFORE WE BEGIN:  To be perfectly clear, as a bellman, I have no qualms about serving, well, anyone. However, there is a small percentage of parents whose children play the great Canadian sport of hockey that make my skin crawl … Continue reading

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Mistakes Parents Make While Traveling.

It’s Saturday and I’m wide awake (mostly) so I think it’s time to use my seventeen years of experience serving the public constructively and judge others. Don’t you agree? I knew you would. We’re a perfect team, aren’t we? The … Continue reading

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The Hook Becomes Patient Zero!

A TALE OF TWO HOOKS! The first half of this post was written before I found myself struck down by a nasty flu bug. I’m obviously back in the game now, but only at half-power, so the last half of … Continue reading

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