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For Ann. (And Everyone Else, I Guess.)

Halloween 2014 was a major blow-out, both personally (VampireLover informed me we received four trick-or-treaters this year) and professionally. (My gratuities were truly scary, kids.) The Halloween from Hell fell on a Friday and Saturday was equally dismal at the hotel, … Continue reading

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Happy Halloween… You Maniacs.

Well, it’s that time of year again. The walls between worlds have grown weak, allowing all manner of darkness – and dark things – to walk this dimension. But you know what’s really scary to a bellman, kids? I’ve been … Continue reading

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Scary Stuff, Kids….

In honour of All Hallows’ Eve – and an annoying case of writer’s block in terms of two projects I’m working on – here are 31 things that terrify me, The Hook, to my Canadian core. 31)  People that consider Justin … Continue reading

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It walks..It eats..It stays!

  As All Hollows Eve is almost upon us, I thought I would share my personal nightmare; a creature so vile and terrifying, the merest mention of its name sends chills down the spines of all hotel employees. It is..the … Continue reading

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