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A Short, But Wicked Sweet One…

Any bellman worth his salt knows humor is one of the most powerful weapons in his arsenal. That, and a medium-sized suitcase that “accidentally” strikes an obnoxious guest in the face, of course. At any rate, put plainly, this summer … Continue reading

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High Praise For The Hook From An Unlikely Source.

It’s been a pretty typical day here in the Niagara Falls hospitality salt mines; plenty of over-caffeinated corporate drones,  rugrats hopped-up on Red Bull, mentally exhausted parents, well-meaning, but confused foreigners and hookers to deal with. And Santa Claus, of … Continue reading

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Ten-Hut! There’s an Inspection Today, So Straighten Up And Fly Right, Maggots!

There’s an inspector from Head Office (a term that shouldn’t make me giggle so much, but it does), in the hotel today and so, as anyone with a modicum of familiarity with the inner workings of bureaucratic thinking knows, all … Continue reading

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My Crazy Bellman Life: Myths and Facts.

FACT:  Millions of souls have passed through my lobby over the years, each of them distinct and separate from the whole of humanity in their own way. MYTH:  Beyond familial, social or employment bonds, each of these individuals has no real connection … Continue reading

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The Dirtiest Word in the Hotel Biz is….

Anyone care to hazard a guess? I’ll give you a hint: It’s not “cockroach” or “bed bug” (yes, that’s technically two words, but go easy on me, I’m tired.) or any sort of insect, for that matter. And it’s not … Continue reading

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Another Week…

Another series of nightmares. MONDAY: A day off for The Hook! It was glorious! Not a window-licker in sight! Do you think I’ve used enough exclamation marks? TUESDAY: I had this nice family from Quebec (No, seriously!), and we were … Continue reading

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