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A Fly On The Wall Named The Hook…

I may have a wealth of adventures on my own, but a bellman is often simply a fly on the wall, one that is never bored. They were a middle-aged couple waiting for an elevator. Both were reasonably-fit. He was … Continue reading

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Valentine’s Day Through The Hook’s Eyes.

So they tell me something called “Valentine’s Day” is around the corner. Personally, I’ve always assumed this “holiday” was an urban legend like the female orgasm or a period in human history without the deliciously horrific taint of the Kardashians. … Continue reading

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Not Your Average Valentine’s Day Post…

So Valentine’s Day is around the corner and blogging social convention dictates I share my infinite wisdom concerning love and romance (the wife is shuddering right now like a Jedi who feels a disturbance in the Force), but there is … Continue reading

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It’s Sunday… Time For A Blog Share!

Well, it’s Sunday again and that mean several things: Many of you are swearing off alcohol “forever”. Others are making bargains with various deities in hopes of vanquishing a killer hangover. My guests are slowly (very slowly), rising from their … Continue reading

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A New Post (sorta) From The Hook!

So here’s the Saturday morning deal, kiddies: I was working on a Saturday morning post that spun out of an encounter I had with two sex kittens in one of the hotel’s north tower elevators (don’t get your heart racing … Continue reading

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“I Really Need To Orphan Black Myself.”

Or if you prefer, “Thoughts That Floated Around/Through My Head as I Tried to Eat my Pizza in a Corner of the Casino That is Usually Quite Peaceful.” (Admittedly, titles aren’t my strong suit.) 1.  “Should I tell the wife … Continue reading

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Fun With Top Ten Lists and Philosophy.

After exploring the darkness that hides in the shadows cast by the bright neon lights of my hometown, I’ve decided to explore the dark humor generated by the many colorful characters that cross the threshold of my home away from home. Our … Continue reading

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Belated Birthday Greetings For Le Clown, Why The HuffPost Blog Team Hates Me, and a Truly Grateful Guest.

BEFORE WE BEGIN: A belated Happy Birthday to Le Clown. You have been well and truly blessed, my new friend. Enjoy the love and adoration coming your way. You lucky bastard. On with the show… Two years ago, I jumped … Continue reading

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The Year Ahead: Thirteen Fears.

I realize many of you are hanging, so I’ll keep this tight and to the point. Or not. Here are some things that scare the bejezzus out of me that I know I’ll be dealing with this year… 1) Crazy … Continue reading

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The Hook Turns Fifty Shades of Red!

As a blogger/would-be bestselling author, I find myself paying close attention to the hottest titles burning up the literary charts these days. And of course, right now the hottest of the hot is the Fifty Shades of Grey series. Let’s … Continue reading

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