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100 Not-So-Random Thoughts The Hook Has Every Day: Part Two.

Thank you for continuing this journey with me, even though it’s taken awhile. Now, where to begin… Oh wait, I know! 51)  “Where was I?” Honestly, I ask myself that question a million times a day.  I’m guilty of starting … Continue reading

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It’s Over!!!

Yes, the day has finally arrived… It seemed as though it was going to last forever… (And no, that wasn’t what she said – ever.) But… MARCH BREAK IS OVER!!!   They’re gone! Blessed be to all-mighty God herself… they’re … Continue reading

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5×5 With The Hook: Erica Ehm.

If you were a Canadian teen in the Eighties, and you liked “the rock ‘n roll videos” and pop culture in general, then you were in love with a young lady named Erica Ehm. Erica was a VJ (video jockey) … Continue reading

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The Hook’s Guide To Mommy Travel.

In the interest of full disclosure, there are a few things I must confess before we begin:  1)  While I am a parent, I am not a mommy – though I am beginning to develop breasts, and while I find … Continue reading

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Pay No Attention To The Hook Behind The Curtain…

Well, I’d like you to pay attention for a few minutes… longer if you’re a slow reader. But after that, feel free to return to your search for the greatest pet shaming pic/video of all time. I was recently reminded … Continue reading

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Ten Travelers I’ll Meet This Winter.

Although it’s true that no two travelers are the same, thus ensuring that no two days of my life are the same, there are certain archetypes I’ll inevitably encounter more than once in my role as a bellman in Niagara … Continue reading

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The Middle Tower: Life in the Cheap Rooms

To be clear, I have nothing against the cheap economically-sound rooms. I love my guests who refuse to spend the extra few bucks for an upgrade at check-in time. After all, without them, what would I possibly write about? Let’s … Continue reading

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The Family Room: You Won’t Believe This One…

Meet a family so dysfunctional, they make the Honey Boo Boo clan look like well-adjusted, productive citizens. I first met the Wests in December of 1999, as the world was gearing up for the New Millennium. Prince’s song was being … Continue reading

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The Perfect Tree.

The temperature has plummeted, unbelievably-annoying Christmas songs are polluting the airwaves, Black Friday is almost upon us  and so I felt inspired to share an early holiday post… on second thought, let’s scratch the politically correct BS, shall we? I … Continue reading

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A Conversation With My Daughter. (Sort of.)

I rarely discuss my offspring on social media, for several good reasons.  1)  Any father worth his salt knows better than to violate his teenage daughter’s privacy – unless he wants to unleash a firestorm of screaming/ranting/destruction of household property. … Continue reading

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