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The Wisdom of Hook, Observations, ‘Cons and Plugs.

The majority of my guest interactions are limited to the standard formula: I load-up/drop-off the luggage, hopefully receive a tip, answer a question or two and move on. However, on those rare occasions that I share a small piece of … Continue reading

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Reflections On The Human Condition And An Ironic Plug.

FRIDAY, MAY 3, 2013, 2:30 p.m.: A beautiful blonde in her twenties checks in: her appearance is a billboard for every high-end clothing, make-up and handbag manufacturer in North America. Her hair is perfectly styled and spring-loaded into a bun. … Continue reading

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Moving: Becca Style, And The Key to a Succesful Marriage: Hook Style!

HOOK’S NOTE: I’m busy tackling domestic chores right now, so enjoy this comedic offering from a blogger with real talent and moxie (Not to mention girl parts. Girl parts rule!), Becca. Heavy Lifting How many rips of duct tape does it … Continue reading

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Le Clown Needs Your Help, The Hook Would Like Your Attention, And The Ironic Mom Wants Your Cash!

The blogger/demigod known far and wide as Le Clown is many things. He is…. The Chosen One in the eyes of the overlords who command the WordPress platform. A man (until I can prove otherwise), father, husband, and activist. Wildly … Continue reading

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A Double Dose of Top Ten Madness From The Hook.

THINGS YOU DON’T WANT TO OVERHEAR WHILE CHECKING IN AT A HOTEL. 1)  “Have all the dead hookers been removed from room 401?” 2)  “Have all the live hookers been removed from the parking garage?” 3)  “Has anyone found those … Continue reading

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Buy Don’t Lick the Minivan On May 9 or Risk Eternal Damnation.

I recently stumbled upon this post from Ironic Mom Leanne Shirtliffe while traveling the vast and wondrous cerebral wasteland known as the internet. Leanne has put out the call for assistance in promoting her soon-to-be-released non-fiction blockbuster…. Leanne is looking … Continue reading

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Ten Things I’ll Never Do Again During March Break.

My shoulders are hunched ever so slightly. My head is swimming. My stomach feels like a volcano on the verge. Must be March Break…. Here then, are ten things The Hook will never do again during this unholiest of weeks. … Continue reading

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