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10 Reasons Why You Should Be Watching Hudson & Rex.

Someone once said that the hardest thing in this world is to live in it. Personally, I think the hardest thing is learning to do is my family’s laundry without having a repeat of the “Strawberry Shortcake incident of 2003” … Continue reading

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5×5 With The Hook: Mouna Traoré.

She’s only been on this plane of reality a short while, but Mouna Traoré has already achieved the impossible. Not only has she overcome a crippling Gummy Bear addiction (told you I was quirky, Mouna), she’s raised one of the best … Continue reading

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Silent Sunday: Just Under The Wire…

Oops… Almost didn’t make this one. folks. Things have been crazier than usual lately. (Yes, that’s possible.) Yes, there’s an actual Shih Tzu in there… somewhere. And yes, I suck at cropping, but I decided to just let the pic … Continue reading

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Silent Sunday: Shhh….

This one is self-explanatory. This pic courtesy of my lovely wife – and Chelsea, of course. After all, Sundays are a day of rest. See you in the lobby, kids…

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And Now, A Few Words From Chelsea.

Sorry, all you two-legged readers of blogs, but The Hook has been pretty busy trying to convince hordes of travelers to give him coins/bills which he can exchange for life’s necessities. Like Milk Bones and high-end dog food that doesn’t … Continue reading

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Room 5054: Vampi, Fluffy and Pete.

Once upon a long ago hotels were the exclusive domain of humans, but somewhere along the way people decided they couldn’t bear to be apart from their beastly companions for even a short while and the landscape of the hospitality … Continue reading

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A Conversation With My Daughter. (Sort of.)

I rarely discuss my offspring on social media, for several good reasons.  1)  Any father worth his salt knows better than to violate his teenage daughter’s privacy – unless he wants to unleash a firestorm of screaming/ranting/destruction of household property. … Continue reading

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