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The Girls of Summer…

A guest recently asked me, “Which guests are cheaper, men or women?” There is no easy answer; gender is not indicative of kindness or consideration towards others. While women are certainly the more gentle of the species, the younger specimens … Continue reading

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And Now… A Quick Thought From The Hook.

I have just spent the last seven hours slugging luggage for the traveling public… All the while, I’ve had to deal with their baggage as well. My efforts have led me to one conclusion: people are capable of reaching great … Continue reading

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It’s March Break! The Hook MUST Be Busy, Right?

Wrong. So, so wrong.  I have found myself afflicted with a case of the “more-of-the-sames”, a terminal one at that. Between hordes of young adults – in the loosest sense of the word – and modern-day nuclear families, the crowd … Continue reading

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