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30 Things You’ll Overhear At Niagara Falls Comic Con This Year.

Before we begin: I’m going to need you to do a few things in order to maximize your viewing experience. STEP ONE:  Click on this link to familiarize yourself with this year’s Niagara Falls Comic Con line-up. STEP TWO:  Keep … Continue reading

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Valentine’s Day Through The Hook’s Eyes.

So they tell me something called “Valentine’s Day” is around the corner. Personally, I’ve always assumed this “holiday” was an urban legend like the female orgasm or a period in human history without the deliciously horrific taint of the Kardashians. … Continue reading

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Why I Love Comic Cons. (I swear, the post is better than the title.)

I’m still operating at 40% power, but writing this  post is an alternative to staring at throngs of  travelers as they drag their overloaded backpacks, duffel bags, cardboard boxes, laundry baskets, strollers and various other makeshift suitcases through the lobby. … Continue reading

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Surviving Comic-Con: A How-To Guide.

In addition to being a world-class bellman/blogger, The Hook is – much to his wife’s eternal dismay – a fan boy extraordinaire. And so with the imminent arrival of comic convention season, here are a few tips and guidelines that … Continue reading

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