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Ten People I Met On New Year’s Eve: Part Two.

If you missed Part One:  You’re on your own! I can’t do everything! Let’s continue, shall we? 7)  The Drunk Frat Boy From Boston Who Blew Chunks All Over His Girlfriend.  Please, sir, don’t ever change. Fat, drunk and stupid … Continue reading

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I Have Nothing For You Today, But I Have A Good Reason…

Note To Self: Never tell a police officer – even when he’s off-duty and on vacation – he’s a disaster. Even if he is a disaster. Even if you word it this way: “With all due respect, sir, you’ve already … Continue reading

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The Road So Far…

There are certain phrases a bellman should never, ever utter – under any circumstances.  “No that’s all right… you don’t have to tip me.” “You’re right, Ginger Lynn wasn’t the hottest porn star of all time.” “Yes, Mr. or Mrs. … Continue reading

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Saturday Night is Far From All Right!

Ever since the first cavemen went clubbing (Although they did it differently back then!), Saturday night has been known as “Party Night”. Of course, in this day and age “Party Night” is not so much about relaxing and celebrating life … Continue reading

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