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The Fat Man Is Almost Here, Kiddies!

Hook’s Note: I was planning on following in the virtual footsteps of so many of my fellow bloggers and list the fifty things I’m grateful for this year… then I started to become overwhelmed by the holiday blues. I’ve been … Continue reading

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A Dirt-Cheap Christmas Eve Gift From The Hook.

The last few days have been trying, to say the least. My father-in-law has been wrestling with his mortality in the ICU, but he’s home now, just in time for the holidays. Although he’s currently weak as a kitten he … Continue reading

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The Edge of Christmas – And The Hook’s Limits!

THE SCENE: Early Saturday morning – Christmas Eve to be exact – at the Bell Desk. The phone rings. INQUISITIVE FEMALE GUEST: Yes, I am in room… It should be noted the not technically young lady had a heavy Old Country accent, which … Continue reading

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