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Superhero Progenitors, My Wife, And My Non-Mutant Healing Factor.

I’ve spent this summer feeling like a total dumbass and so that’s the subject for today, kiddies. According to Dr. Phil perception is reality. (Don’t judge me.) In other words, if you believe you’re a total dumbass, then that’s who … Continue reading

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Ten Ways To Know If You’re Traveling With A Comic Book Geek…

As a bellman I often encounter couples who are traveling together for the first time. I recently met a young lady who was dismayed to discover her new beau was a connoisseur of all things super-heroic. She should have been … Continue reading

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The Hook Pulls A Fonzie…

THE TIME AND PLACE:  A typical Monday morning in the same old place, which ironically, manages to remain exciting and different every day!  THE SETTING:  A nondescript service elevator; run by a control panel with a bad attitude. Seriously, this … Continue reading

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The Hook’s Travel Tips or “How To Avoid Looking Like A Complete Douche While On Vacation.”

Foreplay is overrated at times (sorry, ladies) so let ‘s get right to it, shall we?   PURCHASE A SUITCASE, YOU CHEAP BUGGER! A laundry basket is for laundry, a garbage bag is for garbage and a hockey bag is … Continue reading

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