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Meet The Greatest Parents Ever.

The tale you are about to read is the unvarnished, chillingly-real truth. The participants are far too stupid to be anything but non-fictional. Saturday, May 23, 8:20 am.  The hallway of an unnamed Niagara Falls luxury hotel. I arrived, cart … Continue reading

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A Guest Post (Kinda, Sorta) From Miss Four Eyes.

A BRIEF JOKE FROM THE HOOK VACATIONING ZOMBIE: (Chuckling like a fat guy, which he was.) I’d love to tip you, Boss, but I don’t believe in tipping! THE HOOK: Well, some people don’t believe in the female orgasm, sir, but that doesn’t nullify … Continue reading

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“Aww, That’s The Cutest Luggage EVER!”

I’ve seen it all. Or at least, it sure feels that way at times. But Sundays have a way of twisting the ordinary into the bizarre, and my latest excursion into the wildest day of the week was no exception. … Continue reading

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