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The Hook Gets Philosophical.

When I was a boy I could never have imagined a time that my existence would be over. When I was a young man at the height of my perceived invincibility, I was convinced I was going to live forever. … Continue reading

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The Hook On… Aging.

This is how I do a “Thought Of The Day” post, kids, so buckle up… Castro’s revolution is finally over. Leonard has sang Hallelujah for the last time. The United States of America clearly hates itself and so it has … Continue reading

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A Harbinger of Things To Come?

Yesterday his life made sense – to a point, at least. Today, my neighbor moved into his new home, a decision that was made for him, for good or ill, I cannot say. We watched his daughter load a small … Continue reading

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Becca’s Words: Writing is Choreography. (And Some Random Thoughts Of My Own.)

Writing is Choreography. First is the intro of the music  and the slight anticipatory sway of my body. First is the blank page and the eager word choice. Suddenly, there is an intense looseness of my movements to the beat, … Continue reading

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The Hook On… Mortality.

The average North American male has been the recipient of a dwindling life expectancy forecast for years. And it doesn’t appear to be improving any time soon. Still, at 41, it’s safe to say The Hook still has a few decades left … Continue reading

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