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The Hook’s Aluminum Rules of Travel: Part One.

(What? You think I can afford gold on a bellman’s salary?)   “I want you to be nice.. until it’s time to… not be nice.” – The late Patrick Swayze as James Dalton in the 1989 white trash classic flick, … Continue reading

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The Hook On… Tipping.

The worst tippers of ’em all? Dead guys. Not only are they terrible conversationalists, all they have to offer is “wisdom from beyond the grave.” Like I’d ever have any use for “wisdom”… Pharmaceutical reps pretty much suck too. What … Continue reading

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Pearls (?) of Wisdom From The Hook.

Saturday, April 18, 3 pm. An over-crowded hotel lobby in Niagara Falls: As I stared out at the massing horde, a specific family caught my attention. And so the following pearl sprung into existence. “Men (and women, for that matter), … Continue reading

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This is Not a Guest Post. This Actually Came From My Mind.

They say failure is a bitter pill to swallow. So don’t. Take the pill of failure upon your tongue, roll it around until the flavor fills your mouth and penetrates your senses and mind, but never, ever swallow it whole. … Continue reading

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The Girl With Her Head In The Clouds.

Let me begin by publicly declaring my love and respect for the housekeeping department of my humble  little slice of hotel heaven. They truly rock! Seriously, I wouldn’t clean up after the modern-day douchebag for any amount of money! My heart goes … Continue reading

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