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When You Stare Into The Abyss…

The abyss stares back. Apparently. To be perfectly honest, I’ve never been much of an abyss starer. Despite the philosophical direction this post appears to be taking aside, I don’t claim to know anything about existentialism, nihilism or any of … Continue reading

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5×5 With The Hook: Michael Shanks.

I’ve said it before (mostly to the wife) but I really mean it this time: You’re going to remember this one for a long time. With a career spanning decades (he first appeared on fandom’s collective radar in 1993 with … Continue reading

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Why I Love Being Canadian.

There are many things one can choose to be in this life but you can’t pick your parents or where you’re going to escape from the womb. That said, I’m damn glad my origin story began North of the border. … Continue reading

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A Few Words About Rockin’ Ronnie Stevens.

He had as many names as he had stories. Rockin’ Ronnie. Rockin’ Ronaldo. Rockin’. Rockin’ Ronnie Stevens. (Get the picture?) Everyone knew him. Just think of Pacino’s Benjamin “Lefty” Ruggiero: “In all the five boroughs, I’m known. Forget about it. … Continue reading

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The Least Romantic Conversation I’ve Ever Overheard.

There are other things/calamities unfolding in my life that I could use this space to discuss… but I need to wrap myself in the familiar, the absurd, the not-so-normal that has become perfectly normal in my existence. If I don’t, … Continue reading

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Through The Inner Chaos, The IBS-Induced Mental Haze And The Usual Madness… A Post From The Hook.

Admittedly, I haven’t had the desire to blog lately. But that doesn’t mean my life has suddenly become boring, by any means. Indeed, the weirdness quotient in the Niagara Falls hospitality hasn’t diminished one iota, especially since the summer season … Continue reading

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My Psyche, My Enemy?

When I was a mere young lad my German grandmother used to take me on a long journey to the corner store – which was across the street from her apartment building. Fittingly, it was located on the corner and … Continue reading

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