100 Reasons To Not Kill Yourself: #17.

When I was a schoolboy in the Canadian public education system (yes, the same one that produced Justins Bieber and Trudeau, sadly) I wrote a gripping series of  stories about mythological heroes and superheroes of my own creation meeting in a multidimensional adventure that predated DC Comics’ Crisis On Infinite Earths.

Of course DC’s version was infinitely more successful and better drawn. But that’s neither here nor there. I was first, so suck it DC.

Where the hell was I? Oh yeah, my glorious tale of heroes and villains of different eras and worlds coming together. In retrospect, it may have sucked but the point is this: I hadn’t discovered girls so my creative engine was humming at full throttle.

Then I blinked and it was February 25th, 2020 and I was fifty years old.

#17: Time.

It is our most precious resource. Next to Kraft dinner, of course. And like KD, we rarely savor it as we’re enjoying it. No, we just gobble it up and cry like babies when it’s gone. My mother was terrified as she lay dying from bone cancer and would’ve given anything to have more time. Though to be honest, we all know she would’ve wasted it; that’s what people do. Sure, we all say we’re going to make the most of our limited time here on this temporal plane but then we forget how limited our time actually is as we get on with the business of paying bills, trying to get laid, making dinner as the kids are screaming, and just trying to survive.

Even as I write this inspiring post I know it’s effect isn’t going to be lasting. How could it? People that make the most of every second of their lives tend to live very short lives. I’d rather waste a shit-ton of time working hard and providing for my family than gallivanting from one adventure to another as I burn out faster than a dollar store sparkler.

That’s not to say that I’ve wasted that much time over the course of my existence. Not at all. I’ve:

  • Read a buncha comics.
  • Attended more conventions than I can remember
  • Watched more television than human eyeballs should be able to tolerate.
  • Interviewed and met a celebrity or two. (Including O.J., who was unforgettable.)
  • Traveled a bit though not nearly enough.
  • Met and served tourists from all over the world who will never forget me.
  • Dated a young lady or two. (Though I’ve been rejected more than accepted.)
  • Conned the greatest gal in the universe into marrying me.
  • Had an awesome kid. (To be fair, my wife did all the hard work.)

And lest I forget, I met and forged a familial bond with my brother, Rockin’ Ronnie.

None of these things would’ve been possible if I had sacrificed my allotted time and dove into the seemingly-endless waters of Niagara Falls as a teen. No judgement here; I understand better than most what can drive a soul to want to end their time when it becomes too painful to endure another second but here’s the thing about time…

You never know what it holds in store for you.

Anything is possible in the future if you’re just willing to wait for it.

See you in the lobby, friends…


Unless you have a TARDIS, time is too precious to waste, kids.

About The Hook

Husband. Father. Bellman. Author of The Bellman Chronicles. Reader of comic books and observer and chronicler of the human condition. And to my wife's eternal dismay, a mere mortal and non-vampire. I'm often told I look like your uncle, cousin, etc. If I wore a hat, I'd hang it on a hat rack in my home in Niagara Falls, Canada. You can call me The Hook, everyone else does.
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19 Responses to 100 Reasons To Not Kill Yourself: #17.

  1. good to see a post from you Hook.

  2. Yep… anything is possible, if you’re willing to wait for it, as you say! 😉

  3. Hey Hook. You’ve done another PSA for not sitting around worrying about how time is spent but going ahead and spending it. Well done.

    • The Hook says:

      Thank you, John.
      I was at the movies with my daughter last night and I thought, “Was I really her age not so long ago?”

      The rest is blogging history.

  4. Mark Myers says:

    Brilliant. Time is on my side. Yes it is.

  5. Doug in Sugar Pine says:

    Your dollar stores have sparklers? I’m impressed. Gonna turn 60 this year. How did that happen?
    Well, as risky of a life as I’ve led, I never jumped off of anything high, or consumed lethal doses of anything (that I’m aware of) and when it came down to the nitty-gritty, I always chose to live another day and see if maybe things would look more like something I wanted to participate in from a new perspective.
    So far? So good.
    Hang in there.

  6. Good one! Time. From things I’ve read, having listened to people who’ve died and come back, and taking notes from the dead (channeled by mediums), we only experience time while we’re here in physical bodies. Time on the other side is experienced much differently- all at once instead of linear timelines. The thing that really sucks is not being able to see, hear, or touch our loved ones and close friends after they die (unless you’re a medium- I have a few friends who can do this but not me).

    I think that no time is ever wasted – it’s all purposeful even if we don’t see the purpose for a while. Even a fellow I know who is now homeless and struggles with addiction spends his days sitting on benches around town giving others opportunities to give him gifts. Gifts of their conversation, their time, a few dollars, or something to eat.

    • The Hook says:

      “I think that no time is ever wasted – it’s all purposeful even if we don’t see the purpose for a while.”

      You’re brilliant.

  7. The Guat says:

    Dude. Loving this one. I find myself taking about time and its importance so often with my kids. Whether you are flying place to place, or hanging out eating pancakes, it’s always important who you share your time with too. I forgot where I heard this but it was a would-you-rather scenario … as in a fancy 5-Star restaurant with excellent steak and bad company or diner eating burgers and fries with someone whose company you enjoy 🙂 as you mentioned family usually fills the top spot 🙂 Good to see you here 🙂

  8. Jennie says:

    You never know. Anything is possible. Great words to ponder during this quarantine. Thank you, Hook.

  9. curvyroads says:

    I’m finally using some of all this time I have while sheltering in place to catch up on blogs. This one was certainly timely. Forgive me for the hideous pun…

  10. Angelilie says:

    I really like your beautiful blog. A pleasure to come stroll on your pages. A great discovery and a very interesting blog. I will come back to visit you. Do not hesitate to visit my universe. See you soon.

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