Another Murdoch Post?

If a little is good then more must be better.

That saying usually applies to alcohol or ketchup flavored potato chips (I love being Canadian) but it also applies to insights on the latest season of Murdoch Mysteries from it’s stars. Speaking of which, here are five words and thoughts – give or take – about MM S12 from the show’s newest couple, Henry Higgins and Ruth Newsome (Lachlan Murdoch and Siobhan Giles Murphy.)

Let’s infuriate the feminists and begin with Constable Henry Higgins. Here’s a Fun Fact before we begin: Lachlan originally auditioned for the role of George Crabtree but was as successful as I was when auditioning for the role of Doctor Julia Ogden. (I maintain that I rocked that turn-of-the-century frock better than Hélène Joy.) However, producers were so impressed with Lachlan that they created the role of Higgins just for him. Then he returned their children and the course of Canadian television was forever altered. (Oh that Hook!)

Now a word from the man himself:

“I’m sure you know I can’t give anything away so here’s my best shot at obscure answers.”

  1. New beginnings.
  2. Plant-eater.
  3. Hyphens.
  4. Gasoline.
  5. Train.

Well, when Higgins says he’s going to be obscure… he means it. Personally, I’m intrigued; I’m going to be looking out for these clues all season long. Way to mess with our heads, Lachlan!

And now four comments from one of the most gifted (and cute) actors to join the MM cast in recent years, Siobhan Giles Murphy.

1) You’ve already cut your teeth on Murdoch Mysteries, but what’s it been like going into #S12 with an expanded and more significant role?

This new season is really exciting for me!

Having been introduced in season 10, I’ve been lucky enough to have my role slowly expand each season. Season 12 has some really fun developments for the Ruth/Henry relationship and also for Ruth on her own. I hate that I can’t be more specific but trust me, the new storylines are going to be so fun for the audience.

(You read it here first, folks, Ruth is going to be a socialite caterpillar this year. Can’t wait to see how Peter Mitchell and Company make her a MM butterfly.)

2) Is Lachlan Murdoch a diva? (Enquiring Canadian minds want to know.)

I am SO glad someone is asking the truly hard-hitting questions about the proper diva that is Lachlan Murdoch!!

No, in all seriousness, Lachlan is the best scene partner I could ever hope for. We crack each other up and genuinely get a kick out of each other which helps the long days on set feel shorter. He’s such a team player and such a sweetheart, having all my scenes with him is a total delight.

I wish I had some better gossip to share but sadly, he’s so great!

(Well, we almost had some juicy morsels to snack on, Murdochians.)

I know I’m supposed to respect her as an artist and human being (and I do) but that said, Siobhan Giles Murphy is a cutie, kids…

3) Of all the colours utilized on Murdoch Mysteries Season 12, what has been your favorite so far?

(Yes, I’m not afraid to ask the hard-hitting questions, gang.)

Oooh ! Well Ruth is always being put in the most over the top colours (Chartreuse satin! Pepto Bismol pink, etc., etc.)

But this season Joanna, our genius wardrobe designer, has truly elevated the Ruth Newsome looks. I think actually the best colour look appears the first time we see Ruth in episode one, it’s magenta and green and it shouldn’t work but it SO DOES!! It’s a more modern color palette then I’ve worn in past seasons and it feels really fresh but also fun!

4) If you could act in a scene with any MM current cast member or alumni (stretch your imagination to it’s limits) who would you choose and why?

What a great question!!

(I try.)

I loved all my scenes with Erin Agostino (she played Nina bloom) because we got to explore a real “opposites attract” friendship and get into all kinds of hysterical capers together.

Also we just got along so well offscreen it never felt like work. I’m still mourning her characters’ move to Paris. I was dying for another friendship for Ruth after Nina left but this season the writers have paired me with Dr. Ogden in a really great arc that comes later in the season. An unexpected friendship I can’t wait for the fans to see.

One of my favourite things about playing Ruth is getting to add some levity and humour when most of the episodes can be quite serious and even dark. Ruth shifts the tone to something a little lighter and more silly and getting to bring that to scenes with Hélène has been a riot.

I’d say Siobhan has been quite forthcoming, wouldn’t you?

All right, that about wraps this latest edition of “Shameless Promotion For Shows The Hook Loves”. I’d like to thank Lachlan and Siobhan (love that name!) for stopping by and giving us more than one mystery to solve on our own.

See you in the lobby and on the CBC, kids…

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8 Responses to Another Murdoch Post?

  1. This is a delightful post, Hook. I only have Netflix and I really miss Murdoch. So I enjoyed this a lot. Hugs.

  2. I would tune in just to see that magenta and green frock.

  3. Loved the questions, Hook.

  4. Sorry to tell you this, but we had tomato sauce flavoured crisps back in the UK back in the early 60s

  5. So.. I had to read it even though I knew it was going to give me information I didn’t have yet. Oh well. By the time I get to S12 I will probably have forgotten all about this! LOL! 😉

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