5×5 With The Hook: Theodora Miranne.

For an actor who inhabits the skin of a character embroiled in international espionage and corporate intrigue, today’s guest is wonderfully open and generous when it comes to baring her soul.

Theodora Miranne is the whole package, as the kids say. She has wit to spare and she’s as talented as a whip. Wait, I think I may have mixed my metaphors. Again.

Ah, who cares, right? The point is, she’s plays Kat Carlson (love that name!) on the brand-spanking new American television hit, The Blacklist: Redemption, and she’s here today to chat about whatever madness my genius intellect could conceive. 


This larger-than-life pic courtesy of Theodora’s progenitors and Karina Vidal.

For those of you who haven’t seen The Blacklist: Redemption… shame on you, it’s brilliant! Correct that heinous error this minute! (After you finish this 5×5, that is.) Here’s a quick primer on this spin-off from über-hit, The Blacklist:

Undercover operative Tom Keen sets off on a new path after a mysterious meeting with the father he never knew leads him to join Grey Matters, a covert international security organization run by his biological mother, the beautiful and calculating Scottie Hargrave.

Tom forms a fragile alliance with her group of skilled mercenaries, and together, they put their unique skills to work solving the most dangerous problems the government won’t touch. But for Tom, this chance for redemption is about more than just making the world safer, as he also embarks on a clandestine mission to uncover the truth of his own murky past.


Cool, right? This show’s barely begun (they’re halfway through an eight-episode ruin but it’s a lock to be renewed) and it’s already layered with subplots that are sure to explode by the nail-biting conclusion.Theodora’s character, Kat, is dabbling with the prospect of playing around with her powerful boss’ hired male companion. (Said boss just lost her hubby in an apparent plane crash, but as she says, “Everyone mourns in their own way.”)

As for Theodora herself, let’s take a brief look at her life pre-TBR, shall we?

Created and raised in London, Theodora Miranne was born as Theodora Woolley but legally changed her name after losing a buttload of cash to some shady characters. What? It could be true, you never know. Fine, I promise to hire a research department soon; it’s not my fault all the interns the community college sends over keep disappearing. Serves me right for sharing office space with a scientist who got kicked out of his university…

Where was I? Oh yeah, the incredibly-talented and unbelievably-stunning Theodora. She’s cut her acting teeth on variety of TV series, ranging from the hilarious/disturbing Broad City to the intriguing/chilling Eye Candy as well as smash hits Blue Bloods and Person of Interest. In other words, this chick may be gorgeous… but she can act like nobody’s business. 

Theodora has also been working on a number of independent film projects including: Lost in Love, Landing Up, The Kidnapping of a Fish, Lords of Magic, and Good Bones. She was also featured in Seth Rogen’s ode to Christmas, The Night Before.​ (I imagine that was a helluva wrap party.)

To top it off, Theodora gives amazing answers too. See for yourself…

ONE)  The folks who inhabit the word of The Blacklist Redemption are all about secrets – which they’re willing to kill to keep buried; do you have a good poker face in “the real world” Theodora?

I have the WORST poker face. Literally I give away all the secrets, all the time! (But never on purpose I promise.)

(At least she’s honest, right?)


Go ahead, Hook, mess up my 5×5.  I dare you.  (Pic courtesy of CBS and Person of Interest.)


TWO)  It goes without saying that Kat is playing with fire by dabbling with Scottie’s boy toy, but could she be playing a much more involved game? After all, Scottie’s “hired gun” (so to speak) knows things about Scottie she most likely hasn’t confided to anyone else. Could Kat be actually working for Howard?

It would be playing with fire for me to say anything! That’s what’s fun with this show, it could go in any direction.

THREE)  If you could live in any literary universe where would you go?  (I figure actors get tired of the same questions so I try to mix it up. You’re welcome.)

I’d jump right into ‘Alice in Wonderland’ but I don’t think I’d last very long.

(I have faith in her, don’t you?)

FOUR)  Kat’s been on the sidelines so far but would you like to shoot some action sequences for Redemption?

I’m always up for some action scenes! Would love Kat to learn some of Nez’s moves, might be hard in a suit…


FIVE)  You’ve already worked with some of the most talented folks on television and on film but if you could join the cast of any production, past or present, what would you choose?

Is it too cliché to say Downton Abbey????

(Nothing is off-limits on this site, Theodora.)


Well, it looks like Theodora is waiting for a train, so I better wrap this up. I need to express my eternal gratitude to today’s guest for being a Brit who stars on a hit American television series and is wiling to slum on a Canadian blog. Who says we can’t all get along, Donald Trump? You can see Theodora – and Kat – on The Blacklist: Redemption tonight on NBC.

See you in the lobby and across the TV landscape, kids…

Soulful pic credit: Gabriel Mokake

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9 Responses to 5×5 With The Hook: Theodora Miranne.

  1. Marion Hardy says:


  2. I’ve got that in “record entire series” mode. She’s great!

  3. I love The Blacklist: Redemption and I’m holding the episodes in my DVR until the Blacklist season is over. I won’t have to pine so much then. Thanks, Hook. Great 5 X 5.

  4. curvyroads says:

    Well, this is interesting, my Canadian blog friend has to tell me about US TV lol. We gave up regular TV and stream only now, so we have to be patient for new stuff. But I appreciate the heads up, my friend!

  5. I do not watch Blacklist so I doubt I will watch the spin off, but I watch too much TV as it is. I started to watch the original because I LOVE James Spader. He is one of my all time favs. Think you could get an interview with him??? 😛

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