The Hook On: Amanda Richer’s Longhand.

Originally this post was titled, “The Hook On: Amanda Richer” – but colon or no colon, I knew I was going to be walking on thin ice with both Amanda and my wife.

So since I’ve grown accustomed to my respective body parts remaining in their factory-issued location, I changed it.

As you all know by now, Amanda Richer is a gifted actress, a great Canadian… and a totally zany chick who loves to yuk it up whenever possible. But there’s so much more to this mammal than meets the eye, kids. To that point…

Amanda’s latest project, a short film called Longhand, is proof of the brilliance a pair of actors can achieve when the script – and their rapport – is just right. Amanda has poured her heart and soul into Longhand and it shows. In spades.


This summary doesn’t do Longhand justice, but it’s all I got so take it and be happy, Poindexter!

Sorry about that…

Where was I? Oh yeah, Longhand in a nutshell:

Amanda, a hard of hearing woman, burns through a grueling training regiment in pursuit of her lifelong dream of being accepted into the military. Her boyfriend, Ben (Jesse LaVercombe) disrupts Amanda’s exercises with important news which questions Amanda’s motivations for the relationship and her sense of love.

Again, this film takes a seemingly-simple premise; love on the rocks and mixes it with female empowerment in the face of a glass ceiling, how society perceives those who face challenges (I hate the word “disability”) the longevity of dreams and even one’s devotion to country – and it all unfolds in a singular setting. 

Marvelous and unforgettable filmmaking.

At its core Longhand speaks to anyone who has ever felt marginalized (which is everyone at some point in their existence). Amanda’s character, Amanda (it’s the role she was born to play!) has a lot to overcome and she has to do so while dealing emotional/romantic turbulence. Amanda based Longhand on her own experiences dealing with rejection from the RCMP, thus ensuring a personal stake in the subject matter.

So you know it won’t suck.


Here are the technical details and such. (you know legal stuff so everyone gets the credit they’re due and no one threatens to whup my ass.)

Longhand’s Creative team

Writers: Amanda Richer, John Marcucci
Director: John Marcucci
Producers: John Marcucci, Amanda Richer, Jack Yan Chen

And here’s a glimpse into the life of the man with the plan – and the director’s chair – John Marcucci:

Coming from an academic film background (University of Toronto’s cinema studies program) and having unwittingly entered therapy as an infant with his psychoanalyst mother, John is a fringe storyteller who likes to explore marginalized characters and question the merit of societal conventions and taboos.

He often delves into traumatic psychological dramas with heavily burdened and flawed characters that are searching for catharsis.

John is also a graduate of Vancouver Film School and the Canadian Film Centre’s writer’s lab.

And there you have it, kids! Enjoy Longhand for all it’s worth (which is a lot). Tell your friends. Bask with them in Amanda Richer’s glory.

See you in the lobby…

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5 Responses to The Hook On: Amanda Richer’s Longhand.

  1. That top photo of Amanda is killer.

  2. hehehe you’re a lucky man Hook, and it sounds like a wise one as well. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve accidentally jeoparized my “factory warranty​​.” Were it not for my forgiving better half, I would have been subject to a recall long ago.

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