Master Lovecraft Torn Asunder And Reviewed.

This week’s utterly-chilling MM ep, Master Lovecraft, was exceptional for more than the usual reasons, so let’s get right to it, shall we?

ONE)  Mrs. B is back – with a vengeance!  I’ll say it again: Arwen Humphreys is a remarkable actress who has been criminally underused in MMX.  Fortunately, Master Lovecraft balanced the equation, giving us a look into Margaret’s psyche to reveal her greatest secret.

Mrs. Brackenreid is a total freak.

Okay, not quite, but I’m not completely wrong either. A simple turn-of-the-century book club assignment revealed Margaret’s fascination with the seductive power of the macabre. Her scene in the morgue was priceless. (To be clear, Mrs. B was caressing that scalpel long before she heard someone in the cooler.)

And personally, I found it a bold choice to make Margaret’s “dream cheating” a pivotal plot point. Not only did we get to see her bold nature in action once again, we learned Mrs. B was actually the inspiration for H.P. Lovecraft’s most famous work, the Cthulhu Mythos.


murdoch2-3Remember that time you were on The Hook’s bog, Arwen?


TWO)  H.P. Lovecraft?  Yep, the master of horrific vision was indeed represented here, specifically – and wonderfully –  by actor Tyler East. A ridiculously-sad figure his entire life, Lovecraft never achieved fame, fortune or praise for his amazing and truly terrifying horror fiction, dying penniless after spending a fortune by the time he died at age 46.

He is now regarded as one of the most significant 20th-century authors in his genre.

In Murdoch lore Lovecraft is a broken-yet-eminently-gifted young man whose lineage is irrevocably tainted by mental illness. His fascination with death and especially Mrs. B, gave us some of the most entertaining moments in MM history. 


THREE)  More Crabtree!  Lovecraft’s life experiences have left him  obsessed with death and negativity and George Crabtree is his polar opposite, embracing life and positivity despite his many setbacks. Their interaction and conversations form the backbone of this ep and it is glorious to behold.

And let’s face it, even a little George Crabtree goes a long way and Master Lovecraft gave us a return to form for the remarkable Jonny Harris.

murdoch1-3Cheer up, fellas!  My blog isn’t that bad!  Is it?


FOUR)  Master Lovecraft was the final complete script written by MM scribe Jordan Christianson.  No clever wordplay here, just sad tidings but also a celebration of a life sell spent crafting a beautiful television legacy. Jordan Christianson passed away earlier this year but as I’ve said, his work will live forever and from what I can tell, he was a remarkable soul who lit up the MM writing room and set. Ironically, this episode is all about death and so one can only imagine Jordan would appreciate the symmetry.

Weekend at Murdoch’s also sprang from Jordan’s talented mind so we indeed owe the man a debt of thanks. Rest easy, good sir.


FIVE)  The Ghoulish Club.  They were the perfect synthesis of the Breakfast Club and the Twilight vamps; a pack of death-obsessed rich devils who weren’t as fascinating as H.P. Lovecraft – but they did their best.

Watching them implode was glorious. Classic Murdoch.



SIX)  The Artful Detective.  This tweet, written as Master Lovecraft unfolded on my mid-sized television, says it all:

Yannick never disappoints, does he? Sure the cast and crew all contribute and do so with moxie to spare, but a show is only as strong as it’s star and YB shines each and every week.

page-breakSEVEN)  The entire MM team.  From Debi Drennan to Robert Carli to the entire cast, Master Lovecraft – and MM in general – is a shining example of what happen when you bring the best artists in Canadian TV together ot achieve a common goal.

Well done, everyone.



Two episodes remain in MMX. Let that little bit of cold reality sink in, Murdochians.

See you in the lobby and on the CBC, kids…

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15 Responses to Master Lovecraft Torn Asunder And Reviewed.

  1. Marion Hardy says:

    I will savour the last w eps. This season in what has been an exceptional season X?

  2. Marion Hardy says:

    Sorry about typos it has been an exceptional season!

  3. Well done, Hook. Nice tribute to Jordan Christianson

  4. davidprosser says:

    Brava Maestro, a great post Robert.

  5. umashankar says:

    I suspect Mr Lovecraft could have significantly inspired Stephen King to write what he wrote. I remember having read a story (by Stephen King, of course) where a guy is temporarily reduced to a deathlike state and the mortuary staff is discussing a post mortem on him… With Crabtree and Margaret thrown in, I will be a fool to miss the series in retrospect. Thanks, again!

  6. StillWaters says:

    A wonderful episode by Jordan Christianson. I loved the “relationship” between Margaret and Lovecraft. More Mrs. B like this and less the buttinski, please.
    Re number 6: Yes, yes, a thousand times yes! I sometimes think William gets overlooked because he’s not loud, boisterous, prickly. Yannick Bisson does an excellent job and has since day one.

  7. Ok, let me get this straight. You have a hot looking leader, healthcare and great TV shows? So, how’s that spare room of yours doing?

  8. Is this the last season???? Say it isn’t so Robert!! 😭

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