Welcome to Mr. Murdoch’s Neighborhood…

…Hope you survive the experience.

Mr. Murdoch’s Neighborhood, this week’s installment of Murdoch Mysteries is another shining example of how much this series has grown in ten seasons. Most shows would be content to sit on their laurels but Peter Mitchell and company strive for excellence every week. Not only was this week’s title a nice warm slice of nostalgia, it was clever and just the tip of the iceberg in terms of the treats the writing team had in store for us.


ONE)  Bloody hell, Murdoch! What’s going on here?  I’m going to deviate slightly here and use tweets to demonstrate my impressions of the MM action as it unfolded. To begin with, here’s how I felt about what was most likely the shortest opening in Murdoch history: Namely, the Murdochs burying what we can only assume is a body in the dead of night…

You’ll excuse my typo, won’t you?


TWO)  The closest we’re ever going to get to a MM/CSI crossover.  The forensics day camp premise was brilliant; it gave us the triple threat of Jackson, Crabtree and Higgins combined with Miss James, two new female med students and William and Julia – all for the price of one. 

The banter and hi-jinks (mostly courtesy of the incomparable Lachlan Murdoch) were as razor-sharp and entertaining as ever, but Julia’s “Uh-oh, that’s not my corpse!” moment wasn’t exactly a shocker – this is Murdoch Mysteries, after all – but it was pure genius nonetheless. And when more bodies turned up? Well, only one thing came to mind:

For the record, my wife loved this one – and considering she’s my toughest critic, I consider this a milestone.


THREE)  The turn-of-the-century welcome wagon leaves something to be to desired, to say the least.  Meeting the “Deliverance twins” was interesting, as they appeared to be the killers. But then that seemed too obvious, so you were sure they weren’t. But then the looked too darn shady to be innocent.

It was a wild ride – and the ride was only beginning.


FOUR)  Slugger hits a home run!  Nothing woos a lady like a widower pouring out his soul. I’m certain Jackson was genuine as he discussed his deceased bride (that sure came out of left field, didn’t it?) but you could practically see his new lady friend foaming at the mouth.

Good for Augustus “Gus” “Slugger” Jackson. (Man, that’s a mouthful, isn’t it? Good thing they didn’t have driver’s licenses back then.)


FIVE)  Is George’s Cherry turning sour?  Don’t get me wrong, I like Bea Santos’ Louise Cherry, but she appears to be setting poor Crabtree up for a fall. And was I the only one who wondered why Samuel Bloom wasn’t a little perturbed by the presence of Miss Cherry? After all, it wasn’t that long ago Crabtree was dating Sam’s sister, Nina.

Still, we’ll have to see if George allows his new gal pal to drive a wedge between him and his business partner. Personally, I’m tired of Crabtree’s roller coaster love life, but you can’t look away…


SIX)  Three Murdochs for the price of one!  Lachlan Murdoch tweeted this message to fans prior to broadcast:

So we really lucked out this week, gang…


SEVEN)  More Wattage.  Daniel Maslany’s Detective Watts continues to peel back the layers surrounding the ultimate fate of Toronto’s missing women. Sadly, the slow burning storyline is starting to test my patience, but only because I could watch an entire hour devoted to Maslany’s performance.



EIGHT)  Hélène Joy‘s accidental accent.  This is a deeply personal observation, but I love it when Ms. Joy’s Australian accent appears, as it did at the beginning of this ep. She rocked this installment, nonetheless; the “slip-up” just makes me love her even more.


NINE)  The behind-the-scenes mastery.  This ep was directed by the brilliant Jill Carter, the gruesome – but awesome – special effects make-up was top notch, and of course, Prop Monkey and his team were firing on all cylinders as usual. In fact, the Monkey gave us a glimpse at how Mother Nature can impact production if she feels like it:


TEN)  A brilliant wrap-up to an even more brilliant episode.  I have to admit, I was genuinely lost by the time William closed the case. Peter Mitchell and Company gave us so many twists and turns, I really didn’t know who put the nefarious family six feet under.

And then when the Murdoch’s neighbors gathered, angrily clutching farm utensils? Well, I was wincing! Poor William and Julia. To top it off, the near-catatonic mother starting growling at William!


And then… Ole Slugger got laid! (Though to be fair, we all saw that coming didn’t we? Then again, so did she.)

And then William and Julia got frisky in the tent!

Brilliant again.


All right, this ep wiped me out; I’ll see you next week when we finally get Brackenreid back. (I hope.) And apparently, the fountain of youth, courtesy of James Pendrick. (You just know this endeavor will fall apart too, right?)

See you in the lobby and on the CBC, kids…

Here’s one more behind-the-scenes pic, courtesy of Prop Monkey again.

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16 Responses to Welcome to Mr. Murdoch’s Neighborhood…

  1. Marion Hardy says:

    Spot on as usual Hook!

  2. Loved the tweets. BTW I want to know where you get the stills for the show? Another great recap making your South American brothers wanting to see the show.

  3. umashankar says:

    I am nodding like a blind who is described a bustling marketplace. But tell you what, Hook, I love these amazing canvases you keep etching with your pallet knife of humour.

  4. davidprosser says:

    I’m confused by Number 1 Robert. The picture suggests it’s the Murdochs burying a body at the dead of night yet the picture is surely not them?
    A top post as usual, no wonder it has your wife’s approval.

  5. Thanks always a joy to read The Hook

  6. nbratscott says:

    Murdoch Mysteries is every bit as good as you describe. I finished seasons 1-7 this afternoon on Netflix. Now I have to subscribe to Acorn TV to get the rest! I don’t know what I’m going to do when I’m caught up. I’m used to watching several episodes per day. Once a week? Only 1 season per year? At least they’ve gone to 18 episodes per season!
    BTW- Thanks for the way you enthusiastically describe each episode without spoiling the plot!

  7. StillWaters says:

    Great opening scene, and lots of good twists and turns. Laurie Murdoch was a treat to watch, especially in the interview scene with William. “Took my time.” Yikes!

    I am also tired of the many loves of George Crabtree, but things might get interesting. Louise Cherry was very presumptuous and pushy. She will not like it when Nina shows up in George’s life again. Hades hath no fury like a woman scorned.

    Too bad there will be no casa Murdoch this season. I was looking forward to William’s grand design coming to fruition on that lovely green expanse by the River Don.

    Keep on blogging, Hook. You, too, are a treat.

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