5×5 With The Hook: Erin Agostino.

She’s an amazing young actress with a heart of gold and infinite talent.

And low standards, apparently. Which, of course, explains her presence here today.

She is Erin Agostino. She is a Gemini-nominated actor. A writer. A goddess with eyes so deep and haunting you need a GPS to find your way back from them. You can get her acting deets here. You can marvel at her majesty by staying right here and scrolling on.


A larger-than-life pic for a larger-than-life actress.

Erin was molded from clay touched by divinity on June 27, 1985 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. (We do good work in my home and native land, don’t we?) As an actress she’s paid her dues, doing voice work for various animated series and video games, writing and acting! in shorts and just being awesome in general.

As a human being she enjoys art (both viewing and creating it), wine, ballet and working out. This is a mammal who believes in flexing all her muscles, kids.

Toronto is her home base but the world is her oyster. Ironically, I think she’s allergic to sea food…

By now you’re thinking:

  1.  “If you love Erin so much, Hook, why don’t you marry her?”
  2.  “Just what is Erin doing here in the first place? She must be on Murdoch Mysteries, right?”


  1.   Erin can do much better. And I’m married. To another goddess.
  2.   I’m so glad you figured that out.

Erin portrays burlesque dancer Nina Bloom, a young lady from the other side of the tracks who captures Constable George Crabtree’s heart – and other body parts – while simultaneously eliciting a strong reaction from millions of viewers. In the words of MM showrunner, Peter Mitchell:

“Nina is the kind of character we always want on the show because she’s very polarizing. Half the fans love her and half the fans hate her, which means we want her!”

Personally, I love Erin’s portrayal of Nina; she’s strong, sultry, outspoken (like all the women of MM) and she’s rife with possibility. And mystery, of course. It is to Erin’s credit that viewers (most of them, at least) have bonded with the little burlesque dancer with the heart of gold. I just hope she doesn’t break poor George’s spirit like every other woman he’s been in a relationship with.


 All right enough of this sappy stuff! Let’s get to the 5×5 goodness where you’ll see that Erin Agostino is a fascinating and amazing goddess among mere mortals.

ONE)  You’ve done some voice work in the past; is it easier to take a job where your biggest concern is avoiding a sore throat rather than spending several hours in the make-up chair?

I think every job comes with it’s own challenges, and I wouldn’t say one is necessarily easier than the other. They’re very different. Going to work in jogging pants and no makeup is a nice touch but there is so much that goes into voice work too. (Along with the occasional loss of voice and sore throat…)

(I’m not sure but I think Erin just schooled me. And I totally deserved it.)


TWO)  I’m sure Peter Mitchell would strike you down with a turn-of-the-century stun gun if you revealed any spoilers, but do you think Nina Bloom has any more surprises in store for Constable George Crabtree?

Not unlike the other actors on the show, I only really find out what is going to happen in an episode when I have the script in front of me. Even when I bug Peter Mitchell to tell me, he never reveals anything! That being said, she might have a few things left up her sleeve…


Uh oh, George…


THREE)  You’ve been a professional actor for ten years now. (Congratulations! You rock!) Any milestones you wish to share?

Thanks! Yes it’s been a little journey so far. I’ve had the privilege of working with some amazing people. Incredible directors, awesome crews and very talented actors.

A standout experience was working with Alexander Siddig this summer on After Camelot. It’s really comforting knowing that someone so talented and experienced can walk on set with no ego, knowing they’re just a piece of the machine, knowing everyone’s name and treating all the players with the up most respect. I carry that one with me wherever I go.

kennedys-siddigAlexander Siddig on the After Camelot set. I think he’s with some girl from Dawson’s Creek…


FOUR)  Are you happy? (Sometimes the simplest questions are the most complicated. I’m not expecting you to reveal deep dark secrets or delve into your past; I just want you to share something that makes Erin the fascinating human being smile and rejoice at the beauty of her existence.)

Daily goal: Find a little moment to be grateful for something. We’ve all gone through hard times in our lives but searching for the good, even when it seems impossible, can lead to you actually finding it…and when you do find it, there’s no other choice but to be happy about it.

(Awesome answer, right?)


FIVE)  Viewers will soon see you as Christina Onassis in the Kennedys: After Camelot mini-series. Is there a feeling of power one experiences while playing an Onassis?

I wouldn’t say I felt a sense of power when I played Christina Onassis but I definitely felt the darkness.

If you’re unfamiliar with their story, think classic Greek tragedy. When I got the role I immediately started researching, reading as many biographies as I could find and watching everything on both the Onassis family and the Kennedy’s Nemesis by Peter Evans (who personally knew Christina) brought me a lot of clarity. She was a very sad and lonely little girl. She lived in a world where she had everything at her fingertips but craved this simple love and affirmation that I don’t think she ever found. She was the last one standing as the rest of her family came to tragic ends.

I never felt the power because I don’t think she ever really possessed it but I felt the fear very clearly and the pain. I can only hope I did her justice and portrayed her with as much truth as possible.

It was a very visceral experience for me. One that took an extremely long time to shake off.

(That’s when you know an actor has truly embraced a role, kids.)

photo“Uh, Hook?  Is this what usually happens during these interviews?”


It’s that time again, friends, time to move on with your lives and get back to the Rat Race. I need to thank Erin Agostino for being such a wonderful guest and of course, thank all of you for being here.

See you in the lobby and on the CBC, folks…

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  2. Super interview, Hook. Gotta checkout the After Camelot series.

  3. I never realized just how different the television programming between the US and Canada is, until you changed up what you’ve been writing about. I have absolutely no clue about the programs or actors you’re showcasing, and yet it’s still interesting from time to time to read about them.

  4. She’s a cutie! I hope something IS in store for poor George! Hasn’t he had enough bad luck?? :-/

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