“Bend It Like Brackenreid” Was Anything But Twisted.

Yes, I paint with words, thank you ever so much for noticing.

Let’s get right into this week’s Murdoch Mysteries recap, shall we? (This is one of those rare occasions where foreplay is unnecessary.)

ONE)  The title.  Once again, #MMX has ripped a clever title from the pop culture well. I’m loving these turns-of-phrase. Keep it up, MM gang. Not only that, but the title was intrinsically linked to this installment’s events, namely, the murder of star soccer (or “footballer”, if you prefer) player Robert Semple on the eve of the pivotal match between the University of Toronto and Galt that sent Galt to St. Louis for the Olympic Games.

This brings us to our next point…


TWO)  Canadian history – Murdoch style!  Yes, this episode was mined from actual events (somewhat). Galt did indeed travel to the Olympics and even captured gold while there, so Peter Mitchell and Company provided us with a Murdoch that gave Brackenreid (two of them!) a reason to be giddy while recounting history in a unique and intriguing manner.


“None of us are happy about being on Hook’s blog again, lad… just stand still!”


THREE)  More Tom Craig at last!  The good Inspector has been conspicuously absent this season, but that changed with this ep. (By the way, “ep” is short for episode. Just in case, you’re not one of the cool TV kids who is up on the latest lingo.) MM works best as an ensemble and Thomas Craig is an invaluable part of the operation. I like to think of him as the British wingnut that holds the entire Murdoch machine together.

Sadly, by the end of the ep we were given an excuse for the Brackenreids to be away for a few weeks (depending on the timeline MM intends to use) but still, a little Brackenreid goes a long way, right?

And the Inspector returns to Toronto as an Olympic medal-winning coach which should make for some juicy viewing and character development, especially since we’ve already seen what happens when Thomas Brackenreid’s ego runs out of control. (Remember his brief political career?)


FOUR)  Michelle Ricci goodness.  If you’re not familiar with the name, she’s the all-too-real scribe behind Bend it Like Brackenreid – and she’s spectacular. How spectacular, you ask? You’ll find out when her 5×5 runs in the near future. I’ll say this: Her passion for her job shows through in every line and that benefits every Murdochian.


FIVE)  The worst of humanity on display.  This installment recounted a sexual assault by the murder victim on an innocent young lady who became central to Det. Murdoch’s investigation. On one hand, no one deserves to be murdered. On the other… Robert Semple had it coming, big time. The MM team handled this matter expertly, with rape victim Harriet blaming herself (as so many rape victims do) and Julia bringing her some much-needed perspective.

This topic touches me on a deeply personal level so I’m always wary when shows tackle rape, but the MM team, headed by Michelle Ricci, did all victims proud with their handling of such a disgusting, cowardly crime.

And speaking of Hélène Joy…


SIX)  Doctor Julia Ogden: Sports MD?  Yet another occupation for the good – and super sexy – doctor? Possibly, but at the very least, Julia set the precedent and that’s always cool.

murdoch3“No looking at me bum, lads!”

page-breakSEVEN)  More Rebecca James!  Mouna Traoré killed it again last night (see what I did there?) and we got to see her outside the morgue! She even delivered another awesome line at episode’s end.

latest“I’m on The Hook’s blog again? Fire my agent!”


EIGHT)  Constable George Crabtree returns!  Jonny Harris was sorely missed last week but he made up for it last night. And that’s all I have to say about that.


NINE)  John Brackenreid predated Beckham!  He’s had a helluva growth spurt, but John was critical to last night’s fictional match with his unique soccer style. And his father invented the wall defense (apparently) so both Brackenreids scored last night. Awesome.


TEN)  Yannick Bisson.  You didn’t think I was going to forget the most innovative and reserved detective in all of 1904 Toronto did you? As usual, Yannick held up his end this week with professionalism and amazing talent. Detective William Murdoch is one of the greatest characters ever transposed to the small screen and Yannick is a big part of that success.


“Yes, Sally, I really do travel back to 1904 to moonlight as a detective!  Can you blame me?  Have you seen what teachers make these days?”


And that’s it, kids! Go back to your lives while I put the finishing touches on more MM 5x5s. We’ll reconvene next week for Once Upon a Murdoch Christmas.

See you in the lobby and on the CBC, friends…

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11 Responses to “Bend It Like Brackenreid” Was Anything But Twisted.

  1. He travels back to 104?? Hmm… I think that is a bit further than the turn of the century, don’t you?? LOL! Looking forward to watching more seasons Hook! Thanks.. 🙂

  2. Nice one, Hook. Your photo captions were the best.

  3. Did you know that William Murdoch was the name of the 1st Mate to the Captain of the Titanic??? 😀

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